How to Set Different Focus Home Screens in iOS Depending on the Time and Your Location

If you have iOS 15 or later, you can use the Focus feature to help you concentrate and control notifications. Create a Focus with a customized Home Screen that automatically turns on right when you need it.

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How Open XDR Empowers CTOs with Automated Response

Automated response improves the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of cyber-threat response, strengthening the overall cybersecurity posture and reducing the impact of potential cyber incidents.

How to Block Certain Websites Using Your iPhone

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SharePoint vs. On-Premise File Servers: SharePoint in Hedge Funds

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How to Turn Off Raise to Wake on iOS

Raise to Wake is a feature on Apple Watches, iPhone X, third-generation iPad Pro, and later iPhone and iPad versions. Read about how to turn off Raise to Wake on iOS to customize your iPhone for your preferences.

Understanding the Potential Dangers of the .zip TLD

The landscape of the internet is evolving, and the latest threat is .zip top-level domain (TLD). We’ve seen the implications of this firsthand and want to provide some insights into the potential risks associated with this new TLD.

How to Check Your Formulas with Value Preview ToolTips in Excel

ToolTips is a valuable addition to Excel, providing helpful information about selected cells. With Excel through a Microsoft 365 subscription, you can use Value Preview ToolTips to quickly view specific parts of a formula.

Introducing Agio Sting: The Latest Addition to Our XDR Service

With an expanding threat landscape and remote work becoming the norm, more devices are at risk. That’s why we adapted to the changing world with Agio Sting, a new way to keep your organization safe, secure, and growing.

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