Server Management

360º support of your servers, delivered through a hybrid reactive and proactive approach, and managed by highly trained server engineers.

Operate at peak performance.

We’re using technology and data scientists to ensure optimal server efficiency, uptime, and availability. So your IT team can focus on the big-picture projects that impact your bottom line.


Agio provides 24x7x365 monitoring of your server environment, detecting and escalating service impacting events that could potentially be harmful to your business.


When an issue is reported through a monitoring application, system engineer, or an end-user, we troubleshoot the server(s) and remediates to restore service and functionality.

Administrative tasks

We document processes and perform tasks such as user account management; server reboot; OU management; file server maintenance; virus scan processing, updating, and more.

Change Management

In accordance with your internal change management processes, Agio performs scheduled maintenance on your servers.

Patch Management

A subset of change management, we deploy rigorous and structured patch management in alignment with your specific patch management schedule.

Governance Activities

Through our Agio Insights reporting we provide you with a comprehensive review of your environment and recommendations to optimize performance and security.

Technology to save time.

Server Management is powered by next-gen tools that monitor and manage your server environment, including:

  • Monitoring agents
  • Software distribution agents
  • Script repositories
  • Vulnerability scanning agents
  • Core ticketing platform
  • Automation routines
  • Self-healing automation
  • Knowledge articles

Speed to resolution.

The result is speed—speed to resolve issues and speed to fulfill requests.

  • Full access to our software-as-a-service (SaaS) portal
  • 360° visibility into the status of your program
  • Instant communication with our experts at any time.

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