Disaster Recovery

Ultimate flexibility and complete control over your data at a 30-50% cost reduction.

Your full-service plan. So you’ll never have to wonder, “but what if?”

We leverage a secure Microsoft Azure tenant space to configure and mirror your current disaster recovery (DR) network so you only pay for when you need it. And you own this Azure tenancy, which means your DR environment is 100% portable and you have total ownership over who supports it.

Initial Evaluation

We assess your current environment to create a detailed, custom analysis to properly size and configure your DR environment. This also tells you how much you’ll save when you move your DR to the public cloud with us.

Cybersecurity Configuration Standards

Your DR environment shouldn’t be any less secure than production.  We implement Azure security recommendations, NIST standards, and our own security principles when configuring your environment.


Our engineers employ industry-leading proven methodologies and platforms to seamlessly expedite your data migration to your new DR location in the public cloud with no disruption, loss, or hassle to you and your team.

Replication & Support

We monitor your DR environment 24x7x365 to ensure everything is maintained to approved Recovery Point Objective times. To guarantee proper operations, we also perform a monthly governance process.

Recovery Plans & Testing

Our annual full DR tests verify your systems and failover process. We record and maintain this process in a shared location for joint access. Then our engineers continue this cycle throughout our partnership.

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