Managed Azure

Whether you keep just your backup, or your entire environment hosted in the public cloud, Agio will make the transition to Azure smooth and maintenance free. A migration you don’t have to worry about — it’s what you deserve from your IT partner.

Welcome to the future of IT.

Scalable & reliable

Transform your business with an elastic infrastructure spanning more than 100 highly secure facilities worldwide, linked by one of the largest networks on earth. Once we successfully migrate your datacenter, we’ll continuously manage and monitor your server performance.

The peace of mind you've
been missing.

Managed Azure brings our traditional disaster recovery service to the next level. Azure is accessible from anywhere and has nearly unlimited capacity so you can replicate your infrastructure and only pay for what you use when you use it.

Your favorite Microsoft tools.

Microsoft data and word processing tools are now based in the public cloud as Office 365. Continue working in the programs you love with all the latest bells and whistles like cloud collaboration, encryption technology, data classification, and data leakage prevention tools.

The right security controls
from the start.

We’ll guide you on when and how to augment your current servers with Azure-based infrastructure. Then we’ll minimize your vulnerability to cyber-attacks by hardening your infrastructure.

Ultimate flexibility & control
of your backups.

Our technical team onboards and supports you with SEC regulatory expertise, so you meet compliance requirements for backup retention and best practices. Plus, you get easy access to at-a-glance reporting, monthly restore testing, and real-time break/fix for job failures.

Transparent tools to help you plan ahead.

Keep your environment safe
with proactive security.

Our Security Center leverages machine learning to process trillions of signals across Microsoft services and systems, alerting you of threats to your environment, such as remote desktop protocol (RDP) brute-force attacks and SQL injections.

Stay on top of your budget.

Azure Cost Management + Billing helps you plan effectively for your business with costs in mind. You’ll never run into any of the “gotchas,” which is just another reason why clients choose Agio when migrating to the public cloud.

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