The threat landscape is expanding. More employees are working remotely, which means more devices are at risk. We adapted to the changing world by monitoring remote devices and deploying agents and EDR solutions that include phishing protection and MFA. But we want to take it a step further.  

When your environment is susceptible to attack from every direction, including potential insider threats, how do you ensure you can easily spot malicious behavior? Layer your security controls. 

cyber operations secure your attack surface now

Defense in depth means layering multiple controls to detect (and protect you from) threats. Deploying a set of decoys in the form of a honeypot and tokens of various types and personalities is a great way to detect hostile behavior quickly. The output is almost zero false positives and reduced dwell time for malicious actors. The faster you detect a threat, the quicker your response. 

What is Agio Sting?

Agio Sting is a fully managed service to customize, deploy, and monitor honeypot “tokens” unique to your environment and defensive concerns. 

Sting improves traditional honeypot-only deception by adding tokens, a next-generation deception technology that draws attention away from high-value assets to a decoy. A honeypot 2.0, if you will. The tokens study the hacker’s actions, give them fake data, trick them into revealing themselves, and expose evidence of lateral movement or malicious access.  

After deploying your deception strategy, Agio will monitor your Sting environment providing you with quick action if someone accesses the decoy. 

The short version: it’s a group of souped-up, proactive honeypots and tokens that spot chaos before it starts.    

How Does Agio Sting Work?

Our cybersecurity engineers learn the ins and outs of your network architecture, work with you to identify your critical assets (both production and non-production), then customize a honeypot and tokens that will appear native to your environment.  

Honeypots are assigned a personality to look like a specific high-value asset in your system. Tokens are more of a Swiss army knife and are strategically placed as files or code related to that high-value asset. The tokens act as a tripwire when a bad guy snoops around. When an alert is triggered, it’s fed directly into our SIEM platform, which is monitored by our industry-focused SOC analysts 24x7x365. 

We can distribute tokens on laptops, servers, and anywhere in your network or cloud to complement your defenses and quickly detect malicious activity. The interface is intuitive, and we handle customization and placement for you.  

Agio Sting is one more tool in your arsenal to keep your systems safe, your data secure, and your bottom line intact. Ready to enhance your XDR service? Talk to us. We can help. 

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