Application Management

End-to-end maintenance, versioning and upgrading of your applications throughout their lifecycle.

Holistic support for your server environment.

Streamline your services.

Combining the management of your servers and your applications under one roof means you’ll eliminate unnecessary back-and-forth between your internal IT team and your provider, saving time and resources. 

Empower your IT team.

Offloading the management of your applications frees your internal IT team to focus on the proactive, big-picture projects that drive revenue.

Configure, manage and maintain applications.

We pair predictive technology with industry-experienced engineers to keep your environment and your people performing at the highest levels. 


We configure multi-factor authentication (MFA) enabled gateways for external access, internal and external global server load-balancing instances for resilience, and load-balancing servers for storefront farm and LDAP for resilience.

Storefront Servers

Our engineers handle internal and external stores on each server group, integration with Netscalers, and MFA single sign-on via authentication servers.

Application Delivery Controllers

We maintain delivery controllers, and manage app servers, VDI virtual machines and delivery groups, app policies, and app licensing for all users.

Application Provisioning Services (PVS)

This includes management of PVS infrastructure and hosted servers, updates and deployment of server OS images, and monthly vulnerability scans and remediation.

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