Cybersecurity Testing Program

Our Penetration Testers and Risk Assessors identify weaknesses in the implementation, configuration, and management of the systems your firm uses.

Become cyber-elite.

We understand cyber-sophisticated organizations need next-generation skillsets to defend against the evolving threat landscape. That’s why our methodology is designed with a level of depth that uncovers the undiscoverable exposure areas, giving you an extra layer of protection against sophisticated bad actors.

Achieve compliance.

Our Pen Testers and Risk Assessors leverage industry best practices for multiple compliance requirements. This includes NIST, SEC, FINRA, FCA, NYDFS, HIPAA, PCI, CJIS, FFIEC/GLBA, and SOX.

Satisfy investors.

Build a third-party option into your program to satisfy internal and investor concerns regarding a long-term relationship with the same firm. This harmonizes efforts and proposes meaningful remediation recommendations while incorporating another perspective.

Improve ROI.

By alleviating your firm from soliciting proposals from independent cyber vendors every two to six months, you save budget with the program, as opposed to buying the engagements separately.

Customized testing for cyber-sophisticated organizations.

As your cybersecurity defenses mature, our targeted, in-depth technical testing menu offers various options to assess your organization based on the cyber efforts you already have in place.

Penetration Tests & Vulnerability Assessments

  • Standard Penetration Test*
  • Focused Scope Penetration Tests*
  • External Perimeter Penetration Test*
  • Cloud Security Penetration Test*
  • Validation of Remediation Effort, Actions & Activities*
  • Vulnerability Assessment*
  • Third Party Penetration Test
  • Segmentation Validation Test
  • Web Application Penetration Test

Security Architecture & Configuration Evaluations

  • Security Architecture Review*
  • Firewall Configuration Review*
  • Cloud Security Architecture Review*
  • O365 Security Configuration Review*
  • Remote Access Infrastructure Cybersecurity Health Check

Attack & Breach Simulations

  • Breach & Attack Emulation (AttackIQ)*
  • Ransomware Resiliency Assessment (AttackIQ)*
  • Red Team Detect & Respond*
  • Red Team Infiltration

End User Technical Evaluations

  • Social Engineering*
  • Open Source Intelligence Gathering
  • Laptop/Workstation Evaluation
  • AD Password Audit

Program Management

  • Executive Briefing*
  • vCISO Meetings*
  • Program Manager*

*Baseline best practice service recommended for every program.

Meet Your vCISOs

Our experienced virtual Chief Information Security Officers develop and lead you through a comprehensive security strategy that protects your business and boosts your peace of mind.

Loyalty means I am down with you whether you are wrong or right. But I will tell you when you are wrong and help you get it right.

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Executive Director, Cybersecurity
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Executive Director, Cybersecurity
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Chris Schoenwetter
Director of Cybersecurity
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