Cybersecurity Consulting

Agio delivers consulting engagements to help you manage risk, meet compliance requirements, and maximize efficiency within your existing cybersecurity operations.

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We take a continuous 360° lifecycle approach to cybersecurity, but there are clients who want to test the waters and get to know us first with a consulting engagement. Then there are clients who may have a robust security program in place, but find themselves in need of an independent, outside evaluation. We get it, and we’re here to help plug those holes when and where you need us.

Security Risk Assessment

We review your information security maturity from a technical, procedural, and policy standpoint to determine the likelihood that a cybersecurity event will occur.


Office 365 Assessment

We review your Office 365 setup to ensure the most up-to-date security features are properly configured.

Policy Development (SEC, HIPAA, PCI, GDPR)

Agio helps you write and review cybersecurity policies based on industry trends and external threats. As the regulatory landscape shifts, we recommend policy enhancements.

Social Engineering Testing

To abate internal threats, we test your team’s response to phishing, pretexting, and USB drive baiting. We also evaluate security in your physical office space.

Ransomware Resiliency Testing

Agio will perform breach emulations to determine if your existing security controls can successfully detect and defend against increasingly sophisticated ransomware attacks.


Endpoint Testing

As employees continue to work from anywhere, we test your end-point solution to ensure it is proactively protecting your workforce — and their various devices.

Remote Penetration Testing

We expose the chinks in your armor by looking at your security posture from an attacker’s perspective.

Cloud Penetration Testing

With hundreds of configurations, migrating to the cloud is no simple feat. We test your virtual servers and infrastructure to ensure your Azure-based environment is airtight.

Security Architecture Review

This evaluation determines if your current IT security solutions are functioning as intended. The results yield a report with recommendations for improvements.

End-User Cybersecurity Awareness Training

It’s easier to hack the human than hack the system. Agio’s seminar leverages industry average results and trend analysis to educate your end users on how to spot and evade an attack.


SOC Assessment

With firms making swift and significant changes to their infrastructure and technology, we assess the validity and resiliency of your security operations center for vulnerabilities and gaps.

Technical vs. Compliant

We sell against a lot of different cybersecurity consulting firms. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. The ones we lose, however, generally circle back to us – because the provider they previously chose was more concerned about checking the compliance boxes than they were about understanding the technical weaknesses and ramifications. That’s the difference between a security-focused organization and a compliance-focused organization. The former begets the latter, but not the other way around. This is where our clients see and feel the difference with Agio. We understand compliance is a must, and security is what protects your reputation, and we do both under one roof.

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