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In today’s threat landscape, bad actors can fly under the radar of even the most sophisticated firms. If you suspect your firm has been breached, Agio will deploy an emergency team to execute an incident response plan that includes expert analysis and recommendations for how to contain malicious activity, recover systems, restore data and secure your environment.

Technical Testing

Penetration Tests

Agio’s penetration testing experts evaluate the security of your IT assets from the vantage point of a malicious hacker.

Vulnerability Assessments

The persistence of software vulnerabilities requires an ongoing, systematic approach to testing, evaluation, prioritization, and remediation.

Configuration Management

Security misconfigurations are among the most frequently exploited vulnerabilities. While common, these errors can leave your organization open to serious risks.

Compliance Assessments

SEC Cybersecurity Mock Audit

As cybersecurity threats evolve, the SEC Division of Examinations is performing more frequent—and more in-depth—evaluations of funds. Our Cybersecurity Mock Audit prepares you for the inevitable, driven by our experienced virtual CISOs.

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HIPAA Security Risk Assessment

Protecting electronic protected health information (e-PHI) from data breach, theft, and misuse has never been more essential.

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PCI Compliance
& Attestation

Most healthcare organizations must also meet the appropriate level of PCI compliance annually. The ability to process patient payments by credit or debit cards is an essential part of revenue cycle management.

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Privacy Consulting

We are intimately familiar with privacy obligations for protected health information (PHI). And now, privacy regulations covering personally identifiable information (PII) are becoming the norm for almost all organizations.

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Other ways to test us out.

Security Risk Assessment

Through technical, policy, and procedural lenses, we review your information security maturity to determine your level of preparedness in the event of a cybersecurity attack.

Remote Penetration

We expose the chinks in your armor by looking at your security posture from an attacker’s perspective.

Office 365 Assessment

We review your Office 365 setup to ensure the most up-to-date security features are properly configured.

Policy Development (SEC, HIPAA, PCI, GDPR)

Agio helps you write and review cybersecurity policies based on industry trends and external threats. As the regulatory landscape shifts, we recommend policy enhancements.

Social Engineering Testing

To abate internal threats, we test your team’s response to phishing, pretexting, and USB drive baiting. We also evaluate security in your physical office space.

Ransomware Resiliency

Agio will perform breach emulations to determine if your existing security controls can successfully detect and defend against increasingly sophisticated ransomware attacks.

Endpoint Testing

Test your end-point solution to ensure it’s proactively protecting your workforce and their various devices while they work from anywhere.

Security Architecture Review

This evaluation determines if your current security architecture is configured to best practice. The results yield a report with specific recommendations for improvements.

End-User Cybersecurity Awareness Training

It’s easier to hack the human than hack the system. Agio’s seminar leverages industry average results and trend analysis to educate your end users on how to spot and evade an attack.

SOC Assessment

With firms making swift and significant changes to their infrastructure and technology, we assess the validity and resiliency of your security operations center for vulnerabilities and gaps.

Cloud Pen Testing

With hundreds of configurations, migrating to the cloud is no simple feat. We test your virtual servers and infrastructure to ensure your Azure-based environment is airtight.

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