Give your end users the freedom to work from anywhere with a secure, reliable, customizable remote workstation.

Ensure technology is an enabler. Not an inhibitor.

Our next-generation remote workstation solution is complete with best-in-class security configurations to protect your data and assets. And with Agio’s continuous monitoring and management, our solution provides all the elements IT stakeholders look for—increased user productivity, reduced costs, and stronger cybersecurity.

Increase productivity.

Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) becomes your users’ primary workstation, accessible from anywhere in the world. DaaS ensures the user experience remains consistent regardless of what endpoint they’re using, and firms no longer need different BCP solutions because DaaS keeps users operating in BCP mode with zero impact on productivity.

Reduce risk.

DaaS ensures a user’s workstation isn’t directly exposed to the internet. Instead, they use a private IP address and are isolated from other workloads. Connection to DaaS is established through reverse connections to the service, so firms never have to leave any inbound ports open.

Decrease cost.

DaaS provides a highly scalable end-user computing environment with low capital costs, eliminating CapEx where possible. You never have to worry about replacing your infrastructure hardware because it’s all hosted and powered by Microsoft Azure, and you’ll eliminate duplicate and unused licensing.

Configurations to exceed your needs.

DaaS leverages Agio’s cloud configuration management platform to configure and manage workstations (VMs) and associated infrastructure hosted on Microsoft Azure. Our solution has two options—Pooled or Personal.


A set of VMs is temporarily assigned to users as they sign-in. Each time a user signs in, they may be assigned a different VM.



A single user occupies a specific virtual machine, similar to if a user had a dedicated physical PC. Here’s a snapshot of how the overall solution works.

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