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Ensuring Responsibly Usage of ChatGPT: A Call to Action for all Financial Service Firms

Does your organization have a policy in place for using ChatGPT? We outline the benefits associated with this evolving technology and what your organization can do to safeguard against the risks.

How Open XDR Empowers CTOs with Automated Response

Automated response improves the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of cyber-threat response, strengthening the overall cybersecurity posture and reducing the impact of potential cyber incidents.

SharePoint vs. On-Premise File Servers: Making the Case for SharePoint in Hedge Funds with Fewer than 15 Users

Hedge funds are seeking efficient, cost-effective solutions to streamline their operations and collaboration. This article delves into the advantages of SharePoint over on-premise servers for hedge funds with fewer than 15 users. 

Lessons from Abused TLDs: Understanding the Potential Dangers of the .zip TLD

The landscape of the internet is continually evolving, and the latest threat is .zip top-level domain (TLD). We've seen the implications of this firsthand and want to provide some insights into the potential risks associated with this new TLD.

Introducing Agio Sting: The Latest Addition to Our XDR Service

With the threat landscape expanding and remote work becoming the norm, more devices than ever are at risk. That's why we adapted to the changing world with Agio Sting, a new way to to keep your organization safe, secure, and growing.

Hedge Funds Outsource as They Adopt AI & Migrate to the Public Cloud

The 2023 Hedge Fund Managed IT Trends Report explores current forces pushing firms to consider new approaches to IT management.

Is Governance Missing From Your Firm’s Approach to Cybersecurity?

NIST has added a new function, govern, to their Cybersecurity Framework, emphasizing the critical role it plays in cybersecurity.

Proton Announces Proton Pass: The Next-Level Password Manager

Password management tools have become essential for firm's security. Learn how Proton's Pass password manager addresses the shortcomings of some of the existing password management tools.

Juice Jacking: The Scary New Threat to Your Phone’s Security

Juice jacking is when hackers steal personal information from people as they charge their devices at public charging stations. From airports to cafes, learn how to keep your devices safe no matter where you work.

CTOs are Choosing Agio for Penetration Testing Services. Here’s Why.

Penetration testing is a vital part of your organizations cybersecurity. Learn why Agio is a top provider for firms that want to protect their assets, organization, and people from cyber threats.

7 Ways Agio Database Management Empowers Hedge Fund Managers

Choosing the right vendor for database management is critical for hedge fund managers looking to generate outsized returns for their investors.

What the SEC’s Proposed Changes to Reg S-P Mean for Your Firm

The proposed regulation is crucial for investment managers and financial advisors as it seeks to safeguard clients' sensitive information and prevent it from falling into the hands of cybercriminals. 
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