SEC Cybersecurity Governance Program

Under the direction of a virtual CISO, our two-year SEC cybersecurity compliance program is aligned to the SEC Division of Examinations and designed to help your firm exceed investor due diligence expectations, mitigate cyber risk, and meet SEC cybersecurity compliance requirements.

Are you SEC ready?

Are you SEC ready?

Are you SEC ready?

How to protect your reputation.

We align your firm with best practices and SEC Risk Alerts and regulations to drive you toward a 360° robust and compliant cybersecurity posture. With Agio, you’ll be prepared when regulators and investors come knocking on your door, asking “what about cybersecurity?”

How to protect your reputation

Expert guidance from start to finish.

A trusted partner to your executive team, your vCISO shares forward-thinking advice, leads monthly meetings & strategic discussions, and makes tactical recommendations required to move the cybersecurity needle today.

Exceed changing requirements.

We ensure SEC cybersecurity compliance with more than 12 existing governance frameworks, adapting to regulatory developments as the cybersecurity landscape evolves.

Be ready for your next SEC audit.

With the new SEC Cybersecurity Risk Management Rules, ensuring your firm is cybersecurity compliant can no longer be ignored. The new rules require registered firms to have robust cybersecurity policies and procedures in place to safeguard their client’s confidential information from cyber threats. We’ve developed an SEC Cybersecurity Mock Audit program to help you prepare for your next regulatory audit. Follow the link to learn more.

Meet Your vCISOs

Our experienced virtual Chief Information Security Officers are ready to sit side-by-side with your team to provide counsel in the event of a cyber incident, investor due diligence interview, or regulatory audit.

Loyalty means I am down with you whether you are wrong or right. But I will tell you when you are wrong and help you get it right.

Chris Harper
Executive Director, Cybersecurity
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Kirk Samuels
Executive Director, Cybersecurity
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Virginia Carty
Associate Director, Cyber and Compliance
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Stephen Vicaro
Daniel Poole

Establish your cyber-sophistication.

Our comprehensive SEC cybersecurity compliance program is a way for our hedge fund, private equity, and alternative asset clients to solve an immediate regulatory need that impacts their job security—and their firm’s reputation.

Security Risk Assessment

Through technical, policy, and procedural lenses, we review your information security maturity to determine your level of preparedness in the event of a cybersecurity attack.

Penetration Testing

Examine your security posture from an attacker’s point of view to expose weaknesses both internally and externally.

Policy Review Development

Leveraging industry trends and external threats, we create or review your security policies, and we keep those policies up to date based on changing SEC cybersecurity compliance requirements.

Incident Response Testing

Test your incident response plan through annual tabletop exercises with your C-suite stakeholders, including follow-up discussions and whiteboarding sessions.

Security Awareness Training

Agio’s annual seminar leverages results from our social engineering testing to educate and inform your team on how to identify and avoid an attack.

Security Architecture Review

This evaluation determines if your current security architecture is configured to best practice. The results yield a report with specific recommendations for improvements.

SEC Audit Assistance

Should the SEC decide to audit your firm, we serve as an on-site advisor during the examination. We’re there every step of the way so you can feel confident your cybersecurity partner has your back.

Proactive Monitoring

Secure your firm’s domain names and public DNS services, which more and more are the targets of attacks by bad actors, and alert you when changes are detected.

Monthly Security Strategy

Your Project Manager and vCISO meet with you monthly to review program progress, report on deliverables, and inform you of shifts in the regulatory and cybersecurity threat landscapes.

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