Agio Gives Back

Our volunteer program gives employees 32 hours of VTO (Volunteer Time Off) each year to make a difference in the community.


Total Volunteer Hours & Counting

Pay it forward.

Our employees are empowered to pursue causes they feel passionate about. This helps lower stress, increase morale, and ultimately gives each employee one more tool in their arsenal to #BeBetterThanYesterday.

Charities we support.

The people who make it happen.

Agio Gives Back is comprised of a leadership team that meets on a monthly basis to plan initiatives, coordinate events, and ensure goals are met.
Morgan Umstead
Program Coordinator, Cybersecurity
Zachary Galloway
Council Member
Cybersecurity Analyst
Gina Gianikos
Council Member
Client Development Manager

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The Agio Vision

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Agio Academy
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