On-Site Support

For the times when remote service isn’t enough, our agents step in. Literally.  

What support looks like for you.

Whether they’re full time or on demand, our team members become your team members, ready to deliver the most secure, reliable and resilient support.

On an average day, we:  

  • Respond to routine issues 
  • Isolate more complex issues and troubleshoot those issues with end-users 
  • Determine when to escalate tickets 
  • Act as a liaison between end-users and higher-level support and infrastructure teams to resolve issues 

Proactive service, on your turf.

Your world is fast and complex, but knowing you have a dedicated technology expert on site to prevent and resolve IT issues lets you focus on the work that matters.

Fast resolution.

With an Agio system analyst in your workspace, tech issues are remediated ASAP, and your employees can continue business as usual.

Expert insights.

We coordinate with systems and network teams to make proactive environmental recommendations to ensure your firm is using the most cutting-edge platforms. 

Compliant systems.

We ensure you’re meeting regulatory standards through regular patch management, firmware and device updates, and remediation of critical vulnerabilities.

Transparent reporting.

At the end of each day, you’ll receive a report with visibility into the status of your firm’s cases.

Connect with us.

Need a solution? Want to partner with us? Please complete the fields below to connect with a member of our team.

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