Open Extended Detection & Response

We pair industry-focused analysts with dynamic machine learning to keep your unique environment safe—keeping you out of the news and running business as usual.

Does your current solution stop threats in their tracks?

Most Extended Detection & Response services (XDR) have a SIEM and scan for vulnerabilities. But most services don’t have industry-focused security analysts sitting behind the screen with knowledge of what to look for and the initiative to apply industry-specific detections across client environments. We do.

Prepare for whatever comes your way.

Our Incident Response Management program combines prep work upfront with testing and a hacker’s mindset to evaluate and practice your response so when a breach hits, you’re ready.

Seal your endpoints.

Endpoint Detection & Response combines the most sophisticated endpoint detection technology with our 24x7x365 SOC to hunt, investigate, and eradicate attacks before they damage your business.

Secure your inbox.

Email Threat Protection provides multiple layers of cybersecurity to stop malware and non-malware threats, such as email fraud and imposter email. We control all aspects of inbound and outbound email to detect and block threats.

Detect phishing attacks.

Through best-in-breed technology, machine learning and behavior profiling, we uncover sophisticated phishing attacks that both trained users and typical email filters miss.

Protect your mobile workforce.

Wherever your people are working from, our service specifically leverages DNS and IP layer enforcement to stop threats over all ports and protocols, preventing malware from reaching your endpoints.

Block unauthorized access.

Decision-maker data should be kept under lock and key. We proactively monitor your executives’ sensitive files and email. We then provide you with a monthly, customizable report that identifies trends and anomalies with actionable recommendations.

Collect. Detect. Investigate.

We collect a range of data from network sensors, servers, and cloud connectors. We then leverage machine learning to detect threats and investigate for internal & external threats by searching through historical data.

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Get 25% off XDR when bundled with Managed IT.
Did you know that firms that bundle managed IT and XDR with Agio are 80% less likely to have a vulnerability escalate to an incident than those who take only one service? Let's get you protected.
Let's get you protected.
Offer valid until 12.13.21

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