End-User Services

Tech happens. We're here for you when it does.

Our approach is simple: fix it fast and make it easy,
because every unsolved IT glitch costs productivity.

Give your team their time back.

Fix it fast.

Leveraging predictive tools and platforms, we support your end users around the clock, working with your people to reduce the “hassle factor” inherent to managing technology.

Make it easy.

With our IT team filling in the gaps, we give your end users fewer reasons to get frustrated with their technology, freeing up your internal technology team to drive innovation.

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Secure. Reliable. Resilient.

We resolve your issues.
All day, every day.

On an average day, we respond to routine issues, isolate and troubleshoot more complex issues, determine when to escalate cases, and act as a liaison between your end users and higher-level support and infrastructure teams.

Reduce service interruptions

  • Remote Access Application & Logon Issues
  • Microsoft 365
  • PC & Mobile Device Support
  • User Mail Flow Issues
  • Industry Applications
  • Custom Application Support
  • Workstation Management Support

Deliver unobstructed access

  • User Onboarding & Offboarding
  • Additional Software Installation
  • Email & Website Access
  • Network/Share Folder Access
  • Global Blacklist
  • Elevated PC Access
  • Security/Distribution Groups

Frictionless service
for your end users.

Global Service Desk

The evolution of the traditional help desk, our ITIL-aligned, onshore-based support team supplements your internal IT team’s increased workload, freeing you up to focus on bigger picture projects.

On-Site Support

For the times when remote help isn’t enough, our on-site support team has boots on the ground. Whether they’re full time or on demand, your dedicated Agio resource will work efficiently with your end users to fix your issues.


Keep your people productive and secure with a multi-session, personable, and persistent Windows experience—accessible from anywhere and complete with essential applications to encourage collaboration.

Microsoft 365

Innovate, learn, and connect from anywhere using Microsoft 365’s secure, productivity boosting solutions. We’ll configure the right tools for your needs, and ensure your workforce is empowered to get the most out of Microsoft’s collaborative apps.

Endpoint Services

Your users have more devices than ever. Our team keeps stays on top of all of them. From set up and removal, to monthly patching and architecting policies to safeguard data, we’ll keep track of every single device in your network.

Because technology should be an enabler, not an inhibitor.

Instant support.

With AgioNow Chat, our IT team is on standby to remediate in real time, meaning quick resolution of end-user issues. A win-win for you and your IT team.

Proactive problem solving.

Our technology can pick up on a user’s sentiment to understand when things are going well or if they’re headed south based on how you’re communicating with our engineers. If things are headed south, we immediately jump in to turn things around with our systematic procedures.

Visibility, transparency and control.

Access to our AgioNow Portal lets you know what’s going on in your environment over time so you can make decisions on what’s working within your current infrastructure and what’s not.

Connect with us.

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