Our security philosophy is rooted in a day-in, day-out commitment that takes relentless diligence, expertise, adherence to process, and best-in-breed technology. We protect your environment 24x7x365 from the inside, out.

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It’s hard to plan a strong offense when you’re always playing defense. There is pressure from every angle – from your C-suite to regulatory bodies. Making sure you have the right IT expertise and experience is critical to maintaining a robust cybersecurity posture.

Internal Resources

The global cybersecurity workforce will have 1.5 million+ unfilled positions by 2020. To say there is a shortage of talent is an understatement.


You know new cybersecurity threats are released every day, but how do you accurately budget against the moving target that is risk?

Weakest Link

Your people are your own worst enemy. The well-intentioned employee, left untrained, can do just as much damage as their disgruntled coworker.


Vulnerabilities Discovered Per Day


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Security Risk Assessments Per Year

We have a longtime association with the security team at Agio and really value the partnership we have with them in securing our business and meeting compliance needs.

Kirk Samuels, Director of IT Operations
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Best-In-Breed Technology

Our constant evaluation of technology partners and tools ensures seamless protection and support services, while keeping you ahead of the curve.

Transparent Tools

We invest in platforms that allow you to see what we see. It’s nice to know you can check up on your cybersecurity provider if and when you feel the need.

Security DNA

We apply a bottom-up risk-based approach when designing our solutions so you get cybersecurity best practices built into our infrastructure services.

Mark Fitzner

“Be vigilant. There is always a way in.”

Mark Fitzner

Senior Cybersecurity Engineer

Eva Lorenz

"Why not? Worst that can happen, you have to try again."

Eva Lorenz

Senior Cybersecurity Consultant

Andrew Werking

"First rule of aviation...don't forget to fly the plane."

Andrew Werking

Senior Cybersecurity Consultant

Lauren Johnson

"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." – Sherlock Holmes

Lauren Johnson

Senior Incident Response Specialist