IT & Cybersecurity for Financial Institutions

Investment strategy, portfolio companies, and vendor relationships are all details influencing how your IT should be managed, as well as the crown jewels most important to protect. The more your managed IT and cybersecurity provider understands these industry-specific nuances, the better service you’re going to get.

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<b class="color-dark-gray uppercase">Hedge Funds</b>

Hedge Funds

Alternative investments that employ varying strategies to achieve alpha for their investors.
<b class="color-dark-gray uppercase">Private Equity</b>

Private Equity

Funds and investors that directly invest in private companies or buyout public companies.
<b class="color-dark-gray uppercase">Investment Managers</b>

Investment Managers

Financial experts who offer and oversee investments, such as stock portfolios.

IT is generally seen as a necessary evil. A department that only gets the spotlight when something breaks. Now add in the growing need for the financial sector to invest in stronger cybersecurity efforts, which are still being rolled up into technology. With a limited budget and resources, how are you supposed to manage technology, your team, and drive an unprecedented cybersecurity program?

Our services range from low-level blocking and tackling so your team can focus on meaningful project work to drive alpha, to complete end-to-end infrastructure management. Given our hybrid IT and cybersecurity business model, baseline cybersecurity best practices are built into all of our IT services – a huge bonus for our smaller to midsize clients in the finance industry, who may not be ready to launch a full blown cybersecurity initiative.