Choose to evolve.

Our cultural roadmap establishes expectations for you and lays out what you can expect from us. A deliberately defined culture helps us attract the right people, do our best work, and be our best selves.

If you really want to know what an organization or a team values,
just study their culture.


Our Why

Why do you get out of bed in the morning? What motivates you—your why—should be aligned with Agio’s Why: to be better than yesterday.

Our vision.

We aim to expand the potential of our clients by empowering them with secure, reliable, and resilient information systems. This means less issues, faster speed to resolution, and a frictionless experience.

What makes us better.

Our differentiators fuel greater, industry-specific capabilities and enable smooth service delivery.

Deep industry expertise.

We have a thorough understanding of our client’s regulatory environment, their sense of urgency, and their partners.

Highly personalized service.

Our service is powered by data-driven technology and repeatable processes, allowing our people to deliver The Agio Way.

I think the #1 requirement is constant desire and open-mindedness to master, improve, and evolve yourself in every aspect.


Our values.

If culture is our roadmap, Agio’s core values are the standards of our people, and the standards and expectations we hold ourselves to as individuals.

Master the Fundamentals

Establish a groundwork of practice, discipline, and attention to detail. Cracks in an unstable foundation show over time, so take the time to hone in your craft and set yourself up for success.

Communicate Fearlessly

Communicate to illuminate, and then communicate some more. Don’t be afraid to commit to the client, establish expectations, instill confidence and gain loyalty.

Speak Up

There are no wallflowers at Agio. Say what needs to be said when it needs to be said. Ask the question everyone else is afraid to. Direct feedback and informed opinions are encouraged and expected.

Be Bigger Than Your Job

Risk your comfort zone to challenge the status quo. When you connect the dots and contribute to teams outside of your own, you create change that separates Agio from the rest.


Add, tweak, delete. Progress is impossible without change. Keep your mind open, and remember to bite-size it – incremental growth day-by-day yields massive results over time.

Our principals.

Agio Principles are concepts we expect the organization, and specifically its leaders, to uphold.

Be Agile

Advances in technology move at the speed of light, and we need to, too.

Be Fully Formed Adults

Our leaders are transparent with both good news and bad news. We must give and receive candid feedback; listen openly; and be willing to admit when there’s a better way.

Employ Force Multipliers

Our focus is on creating scalable systems and processes across the organization. We work smarter and leverage best-in-breed technology to get the work done.

Embrace Diversity

We encourage a diverse workforce, diverse ideas, diverse experience—all of which make Agio stronger and more sustainable.

Provide Evidence

We back up our claims and recommendations to each other and to our clients.

We are not a finished product. Our culture will continue evolving. We will make mistakes, but we will continue to get better each and every day.

Bart R. McDonough, CEO

Are you in?

Find out whether Agio is right for you. Apply for your dream job or talk to us about a custom solution for your firm.

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