Technology & cybersecurity
for hedge funds.

Agio was born out of a hedge fund, which means we have firsthand knowledge of your industry. From SEC regulatory requirements to prime broker relationships and demanding trading hours, we’ve got you covered.

Discover the right solution for you.

Looking to augment your existing team? Need to outsource your technology entirely? Whatever you decide, we’re on it.

I'm a technology leader.

I need help managing my firm’s existing technology.

I’m a business leader.

I need to offload all or part of my firm’s technology.

I'm a cybersecurity leader.

I need to reduce my firm’s cyber-risk and ensure compliance.

Highly personalized service
to keep you ahead of
the competition.

AI-driven and led by ITIL-based methodology, our service portfolio is architected to free your internal IT team from reactive work—so they can focus on the big-picture projects that drive alpha.

Increase security.

As cyber-threats become increasingly sophisticated, so do our tools, processes and platforms. We protect your data (and reputation) from the inside, out—wherever you are. In the office, at home or at a client meeting.

Drive productivity.

In your industry, there’s no such thing as normal work hours. That’s why we’ve architected technlogy that never sleeps, ensuring your end users have a frictionless experience without downtime. Even on nights, weekends, and holidays.

Gain transparency.

Our platforms offer eyes-on-glass monitoring, actionable insights and case status updates so you know what’s going on with your systems at all times.

Data-driven solutions & support.

Extended Detection & Response

AI-driven technology to identify unusual behavior and respond to threats in real-time.

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End-User Services

24×7 support from anywhere – so your people can work uninterrupted.

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SEC Cybersecurity Governance Program

A proactive compliance program to align your technology with the SEC Division of Examinations Risk Alert and Guidance Updates.

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System Management

Proactive monitoring & management of your environment from a single pane of glass for zero downtime.

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