ToolTips, also known as ScreenTips, is a valuable addition to any Excel project, providing helpful information about selected cells. Those using the latest version of Excel through a Microsoft 365 subscription can use Value Preview ToolTips to quickly view specific parts of a formula.

How to Turn on ToolTips

To use Value Preview ToolTips, you’ll first need to turn them on. When using Excel on your Microsoft 365 account, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the “File” tab in the top left corner.
  2. Select the “Options” tab near the bottom left.
  3. On the “General” page, locate “ScreenTip style.”
  4. Choose your ToolTips preference.

Alternatively, on Windows you can press CTRL+ALT+P to toggle the feature on and off. On Mac, you can select CTL+OPT+P, but make sure you haven’t selected the cell to edit it.

How to Check a Formula

Once ToolTips are turned on, you can quickly check the value of specific parts of your formulas:

  1. Select the formula part you’d like to evaluate in the formula bar or within the cell you’re editing.
  2. A ToolTip will appear above the formula bar or edited cell to show the current value of the part you selected.

Benefits of Value Preview ToolTips

This feature enables you to simplify and speed up processes. You can easily see the value of any part of your formula by simply selecting it, and can see the results without the risk of accidentally altering your formula.

ToolTips allows you to evaluate any part of a formula, including references, functions, and parameters. You’ll need to carefully select the part of the formula you want to evaluate to ensure the ToolTip works correctly. The ToolTip won’t appear for parts that can’t be evaluated, such as selecting only part of a reference.

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