Third-Party Cybersecurity Risk

Your network is only as secure as your vendors' networks.

Vulnerabilities introduced by third-party vendors account for about two-thirds of all data breaches. What is your firm doing to reduce risk?

Control Your Risk

Close your security gaps. One by one.

Meet regulatory requirements.

Our annual vendor assessment guides your vendors through a 180+ intelligence-based due diligence questionnaire rooted in the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and other best practices. This results in a tangible report to help you meet compliance requirements.

Get a double layer of protection.

On top of the annual assessment, we double up with another analysis conducted by our cybersecurity engineers to evaluate your vendors’ responses against multi-level criteria such as identification, protection, detection, response, and recovery.

Keep your vendors in the loop.

Our cybersecurity analysts initiate and drive issue-tracking to monitor the status of assigned vendor corrective actions and escalate unremediated issues to your team. This ensures your vendors are actually making themselves more secure based on your program’s results.

Gain peace of mind and reassurance.

To know where your vendors are at any given time, we offer clients the ability to issue an unlimited number of Pulse Assessments, focused on trending topics to gauge their real-time cybersecurity posture.

Know the status of your vendorsā€”from a single pane of glass.

Keep your environment safe with proactive security.

Using our full-access dashboard, you receive a clear visual breakdown of the status of your vendors. This includes:

  • A heat map with vendor comparison
  • Interactive cards with drill-down capabilities
  • Bi-weekly reporting
  • Quarterly meetings to review reports

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