The promise and chaos of technology

Every technological leap comes at a cost. Even as IT systems support faster communication, unprecedented digital experiences, and unimaginably powerful data, their growing complexity creates more drag.

Devices and applications proliferate. There are new features to learn and new software patches to apply. More potential points of failure. More attack surface exposed to threats and bad actors. The best minds on your team are putting their effort into controlling the potential chaos instead of adding value to your business.

the agio difference: predictive intelligence and human brilliance

IT and cybersecurity providers can help. But there’s a fundamental flaw in the support model: the incentives are backward. Service providers benefit from your inefficiency. The more issues you have, the more money they make. So they’re happy with the reactive stance, waiting for your systems to hit a snag before they step in—and solve yesterday’s problem.

This model hasn’t been sitting well with us at Agio. In over a decade of experience, we’ve reduced IT friction for countless users, but it’s time for a paradigm shift. You may be getting what you think you want—a quick fix when something breaks down. But we believe you deserve better: a seamless IT experience that lets you pursue your goals without distraction.  


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The transformative power of AI and machine learning

If IT trouble was an annoyance before, COVID-19 tipped it into near-disaster, as interruptions in operations and opportunistic hackers threatened to take businesses under. Suddenly people were logging into work remotely, often on personal devices from vulnerable home networks. This messy reality brought leaders face to face with the limitations of traditional IT service providers, which hadn’t adequately prepared for a crisis and couldn’t always react fast enough once it arrived.

Agio took this crisis as an opportunity to reimagine how we could give clients what they truly need. We recognized that rapidly evolving IT and cybersecurity have become so complex, data-intensive, and intertwined that the best—really, the only—way to solve them is by adding machine intelligence to human expertise.

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So, in stealth mode, we acquired investment from Steve Cohen, Chairman and CEO of Point72 Hyperscale, to see what could be possible if we leveraged the full power of AI and machine learning. We doubled down on data scientists, data engineers, product managers, and automation specialists to dive into research and development. We thought differently about how IT could unlock business value and support human aspiration. Now, we’re ready to unveil the new Agio vision.  


Predictive intelligence, human brilliance

The Agio AI–human partnership turns the old model upside down. 

the new agio paradigm

No more waiting for things to go wrong. No more incentives for inefficiency. Instead, Agio’s AI-enabled service platform is trained on a wealth of data across many systems to identify and prevent potential issues. Vulnerabilities are detected and eliminated before they can be exploited. AI drives the process and human brilliance guides it.

Agio works behind the scenes, an invisible engine that constantly monitors your systems. The algorithms, guided by past problems and predictive analytics, constantly scan for potential threats and weaknesses. When our human agents do need to step in, they have enriched data analysis and effective, tested troubleshooting recommendations to fix disruptions faster and more accurately. Every problem our system solves today is a problem it learns to prevent tomorrow.

And because we know more, you know more. With regular reporting and Agio Insights, you’re better informed about your systems, so you’re not taken by surprise. Your team is free to work at the top of their expertise to build more value for your business.

By augmenting human brilliance with predictive intelligence, Agio delivers secure, fast, reliable, integrated IT and cybersecurity support. To learn more, watch this explainer video. Or talk to us about how we can help.



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