Healthcare 360° Cybersecurity Program

Our two-year cybersecurity and compliance program is a proactive, methodical approach to cybersecurity, under the direction of a virtual CISO or Technical Advisor customized to your specific needs and to advance your cybersecurity posture.

Whether you are a Healthcare Provider or provide services to the Healthcare community, your responsibility to provide privacy and security of ePHI and other confidential data is imperative, while the ability to do so becomes ever more challenging. Our goal is to support, advance and mature your compliance and cybersecurity efforts by providing rigor, a framework, and advisory services to your Security Program. Through a wide range of Assessment and Testing Services, we ensure you make progress in both your security posture as well as understanding and adhering to existing and emerging compliance standards and frameworks.

Meet Your vCISOs

Our experienced virtual Chief Information Security Officers develop and lead you through a comprehensive security strategy that protects your business and boosts your peace of mind.

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Executive Director, Cybersecurity
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Executive Director, Cybersecurity
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The offering.

Program Management

Your Program Manager and assigned Virtual CISO or Technical Adviser confer with you on a monthly basis to review progress against your CAP, the current threat landscape, and how to advance & mature your security program.

HIPAA Security Risk Assessment

We perform a detailed risk assessment aligned with the HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules, NIST SP 800, and NIST CSF, validating safeguards through interview, policy review and technical testing to inform your CAP and overall security program.

Privacy Review

Evaluate your HIPAA Privacy program and policy in the context of other emerging Privacy Laws and frameworks including GDPR, CCPA and the NIST Privacy Framework.

Policy Review & Development

Leveraging industry trends and external threats, we create or review your security policies, and we keep those policies up to date based on changing HIPAA and other compliance requirements.

Penetration Testing

Our ethical hackers recommend and perform testing that will validate HIPAA Safeguards, test specific controls, and will yield the best picture of your resilience to a variety of threats.

Social Engineering

We test your team’s response to a variety of internal threats, such as pretexting, phishing and USB drive baiting, and include a physical evaluation of security in your office space.

Security Awareness Training

Agio’s annual seminar leverages results from our social engineering testing to educate and inform your team on how to identify and avoid an attack.

Security Architecture Review

This evaluation determines if your current security solutions are functioning as intended. The results yield a report with specific recommendations for improvements.

OCR Audit Assistance

Should OCR decide to audit your organization, we can serve as an on-site advisor during the examination. We’re there every step of the way so you can feel confident your cybersecurity partner has your back.

Proactive Monitoring

Agio monitors your organization’s primary domain names and public DNS services for unusual activity that may indicate cyber fraud.

Incident Response Testing

Once a year, we execute tabletop exercises, conduct follow-up meetings with your management, and lead a whiteboarding session to evaluate your response to incidents relevant to your business or industry.

Other Service Options

You can package any of our other consulting service options with your Healthcare 360° program, including PCI and advanced Cyber Testing services. Agio will take a work smart approach to your program and combine efforts on our side and yours wherever possible to yield multiple streams of reporting.

Custom fit to be what you need.

Our methodical commitment to habitual activities, which maintain compliance and fortify your cybersecurity defenses, have been architected to align with the HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules, NIST SP 800, NIST CSF, as well as other security best practices. While it’s typical to focus a high level of effort on compliance activities for a concentrated period of time, we spread those activities over the course of your program so they become more manageable and less disruptive to your organization.

Instead of having a steep climb to compliance every year, your custom Healthcare Cybersecurity 360° Program manages the process for you, with a prescribed, yet digestible, level of steady effort. By fitting into your existing security and compliance framework and augmenting the expertise and specific skills your team already possesses, we form a custom partnership that maximizes your benefit.

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