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Our holistic approach to healthcare cybersecurity protects our clients’ patient data, simplifies regulatory compliance, and reduces overall cyber risk.

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Healthcare organizations have spent millions of dollars on cybersecurity and compliance over the past ten years. But has the overall state of healthcare security improved? To be effective, cybersecurity must be in your DNA. It’s an ongoing effort, process-driven and organization-wide, with executive buy-in. Compliance programs are more than “checking a box.” They can become a strategic asset – helping to monitor, analyze, and improve risk management.

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From working with multi-location health systems to regional and community hospitals, Agio knows “one size doesn’t fit all.” Our flexible solutions are tailored to meet each organization’s individual needs and budget.

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Business Associates

BAs are a diverse group who share a common mandatory obligation – to safeguard protected health information wherever it is used in their organization. Agio can help BAs meet and maintain HIPAA compliance.

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Healthcare Investors

Cybersecurity is a major concern of healthcare investors as they evaluate new opportunities and seek to protect the value of existing portfolio companies. Breaches often have a negative financial impact and can cause serious reputational damage. Working with Agio can reduce investors’ cyber risk over each investment’s lifetime.

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Ambulatory & Specialty Providers

Industry consolidation and digital transformation are dramatically reshaping the healthcare industry. As mergers accelerate, every ambulatory or specialist provider knows their IT infrastructure must be reliable and secure. That’s where Agio excels.

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While biotech firms are generally not regulated under HIPAA, both biotech and pharmaceutical companies are highly targeted by hackers. Agio’s cybersecurity testing and managed services, help to protect confidential information, including advanced research, from falling into the wrong hands.

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Health Plans are covered entities. Like providers, they are required to comply with HIPAA and all its requirements to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of protected health information.

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Technical Testing

Agio offers comprehensive penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, and risk analysis led by an expert team of cybersecurity professionals. Risk doesn’t stand a chance.

Compliance Assessments

We can help fulfill your requirements under HIPAA and PCI. More importantly, as you work through the compliance process, your organization will build robust policies, procedures, and implement strong controls.

Managed Services & Programs

With Agio’s managed programs and services, you can leverage all of our expertise and demonstrate continuous improvement over time. You also gain a long-term partner committed to your cybersecurity safety and success.

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