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Ransomware Prevention, Simplified

With the right policies and processes in place, you can significantly minimize your organization’s likelihood of falling victim to ransomware.  

Colonial Pipeline Ransomware: What We Can Learn from This Attack

Ensure your organization has the proper processes, tools and people in place to reduce the likelihood of successful attacks.

Keep Your Data Safe During a Nation-State Threat

Let’s take a look at what happened with SolarWinds and how the skills and strategies Agio uses day-to-day are excellent ways to protect yourself when the unexpected comes calling.

2021 SEC Division of Examinations Security Policies Report

The 2021 Examination Security Priorities report noted that even with the shift to work-from-home environments, financial services maintained continuity, resiliency, and dependability.

Your Network is Only as Secure as Your Vendors’ Networks

With supply chain attacks dominating recent headlines, companies are re-evaluating how third-party vendor behavior affects their own data.

Incomplete XDR Coverage Leaves You Vulnerable

Imagine yourself in this situation: You’re a diverse global company. COVID-19 is everywhere and hurting business, so you have to furlough some people.

How Agio Securely Empowers Remote Users

Telecommuting isn’t new, but not every business thought it was right for them. Enter COVID-19: the virus that turned outdated thinking on its head.

How to Pick Your MDR Partner.

If you’re in the market for a Managed Detection & Response (MDR) service provider, what you’re really looking for is a partner.

How to Spot Indicators of Compromise While Working From Home

The sooner you discover malicious activities, the easier it is to minimize damage or loss.

7 Critical Focus Areas as You Move to a Work-From-Home Model

Things are moving fast, and that means we have to do the best we can with what we have while still ensuring data is secure.

The C-Suite’s Top IT Security COVID-19 Ripple Effects

Here are some of the larger and longer-term trends our Managed Detection & Response teams are seeing across our client base that should be on your radar.

What COVID-19 Means for the Cyber-Operations of Hedge Funds

As if managing potential exposure and health risks of COVID-19 aren’t enough, we’re also dealing with market volatility, economic uncertainty, and transitioning our workforces to remote work.