Recent events have vividly demonstrated hospitals are the backbone of the U.S. healthcare system. Agio supports this critical mission by providing expert cybersecurity services that help protect patient privacy, quality of care, and safety.

Health Systems/IDNS

Healthcare systems and integrated delivery networks (IDNs) require enterprise-grade risk management programs. With thousands of employees and hundreds of facilities, preventing PHI data breaches and cyberattacks is a technically complex and challenging task. Agio’s holistic, programmatic approach to security and compliance is ideal for large organizations – comprehensive yet scalable.

Regional & Community Hospitals

For regional and community hospitals, the cybersecurity challenge is most often related to resources, both in budget dollars and subject matter expertise. With the worldwide shortage of cybersecurity professionals, talented security engineers are in high demand. Agio meets this pressing need with cost-efficient solutions such as Extended Detection & Response (XDR) and a Virtual CISO Program. We complement your staff with true experts across multiple disciplines.

Critical Access Hospitals (CAH)

Critical Access Hospitals fill an important need in our country, providing access to essential healthcare services in rural communities. Even with federal funding, budgets are tight and experienced human resources are scarce. Agio understands that “one size does not fit all” and tailors each client’s security program accordingly. We routinely provide a range of TestingCompliance, Security Awareness and Extended Detection & Response (XDR) services to this healthcare sector in a wide range of custom-built programs.

Most popular services & managed programs.

HIPAA Security Risk Assessment

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Penetration Testing

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Healthcare 360°

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Extended Detection & Response

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