You don’t know what you don’t know until you ask.

We get approached all the time from hedge funds, private equity firms and other asset managers about taking over their IT support from another vendor. Almost always the reason for switching providers is the same – quality of service.

While there are some fundamentals in providing great managed IT service, it can be difficult to measure. We’ve learned that regularly collecting client feedback is a paramount attribute in understanding levels of satisfaction throughout the client lifecycle.


How do we get client feedback?

At Agio, we utilize the Net Promoter Score (NPS) method; it’s one question that uses a basic scale of 0-10. The NPS methodology employs a two-pronged approach – the Relationship and Transactional methods.

    1. Relationship NPS
      We use this survey to assess the overall strengths, weaknesses and the ultimate value we bring to the client. The Relationship NPS is collected every 6 months, and we use client feedback here to then coordinate focus and planning for that client over the next 6 months. If we get a positive score, we know our existing cybersecurity and IT services are working and we devise a plan to take the account to a higher level with new functionality, insights, etc. If we get a negative score, we know we need to double-back on the account and figure out specifically what needs attention. Detailed action plans are created and tracked to ensure improvements are made and progress is occurring. Once all of the action items have been completed, we gather more feedback. The cycle continues until we get a positive score, enabling us to truly move the account forward with greater insights and proactive support.
    1. Transactional NPS – Case Surveys
      Client requests or issues are managed and tracked as cases within our ticketing platform. Once a case is closed, an email-based survey is sent asking for a rating on how the case was handled. Note: We do have rules to prevent survey spam so a survey isn’t triggered after every case.

      The feedback from these case surveys are foundational when it comes to our ability to measure client service. Not only do they give us great insight into each of our client’s unique day-to-day experience, they also help to guide us on best practices and process. When we receive positive scores, we especially value the comments as we learn what made the difference in that situation – whether it’s speed of delivery, knowledge base of the support individual, thoroughness of the communication, etc. If we receive a negative score, every member of the Agio management team receives a text message and, within an average of 5 minutes, we reach out to that client via phone call to better understand what went wrong. We use this information to inform our next actions and work to ensure the issue is not repeated. Actions could mean coaching the individual who worked the case, updating the documentation of the process involved, performing a root cause analysis, etc.


By leveraging both the transactional and relationship NPS methods, we gain a holistic picture into our client’s level of satisfaction and the value they feel when it comes to our partnership.


Why does it matter?

Collecting feedback from our clients who are utilizing our services is vital to measuring our quality of service, but it also:

  1. Helps us to uncover the gaps where our services might be lacking, specifically in our people, process or technology. Our ever-flowing feedback loop is designed to inspire, innovate and ultimately help us to #BeBetterThanYesterday.
  2. Reaffirms what we do well and gives the Agio team a much-needed boost of energy knowing what we’re doing is making a difference.
  3. Prioritizes where we need to focus. The themes that emerge from these surveys (over 5,000 have been collected) are incorporated into our strategic initiatives and key objectives throughout the firm.

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