Managed IT Services

Keeping the lights on. Blocking and tackling. The work that only gets attention when it goes down. This is the kind of infrastructure support Agio is known for, and it’s the commoditized work our clients look to offload.

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We understand your issues. Whether it’s with your internal team, who can’t get out of the weeds long enough for real project work, or with your current Managed Service Provider (MSP), who’s not making your life easier. We get it, and we have answers.


There are more technology misses with your current infrastructure than wins, and your downtime to uptime ratio is no longer healthy.


You open a case, and it goes into a black hole. No one's following up and you have no idea of progress (if any).


You've outgrown your IT service provider. The level of service has dropped off and they're no longer feeding you forward-thinking guidance.







85 TB

Backed up Weekly



Industry-specific experience in Financial Services, Health Care, and PCI

Cost Efficiency

Reduced Risk

Eyes on Glass

Increased Productivity

Next Generation Technology

Our constant evaluation of next-generation tools, processes and partners ensures frictionless service, while keeping you ahead of the curve.

Security DNA

We apply a bottom-up, risk-based approach when designing our solutions so you get cybersecurity best practices built into our infrastructure services.

Transparent Tools

We invest in platforms that allow you to see what we see. It's nice to know you can check up on your MSP if and when you feel the need.


We want you to know what’s going on in your environment over time so you can make decisions on what’s working within your current infrastructure and what’s not. With our reporting platform, you see:

  • A designed, visual breakdown to make things easy to digest

  • Trend analysis on cases, systems, etc.

  • Archiving of closed cases so you have a paper trail

  • A Client Technology Manager to walk you through it all on a monthly basis

Agio embodies what it means to be next-generation, which starts with hiring forward-thinking technologists in the elite technology towns across the country, from the Big Apple to high-tech havens in North Carolina, to Oklahoma. Our people drive our culture, which is designed to deliver a frictionless client experience.

Angela Van Zanten

“Helping the world solve IT issues since Windows 95.”

Angela Van Zanten

Associate Director, End-User Services

David Berardi

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do."

David Berardi

Associate Director, Field Services

Crystal Bradford

"Communication is the key to successful relationships.”

Crystal Bradford

Associate Director, Systems Engineering

Michael Kotzum

“End is not a stopping point. End stands for Effort Never Dies.”

Michael Kotzum

Associate Director, Storage