Today’s economic climate – rising rates, global instability, an impending recession and a lingering pandemic – is causing firms to reevaluate their existing operations and identify the quickest ways to improve margins without compromising business quality.

Amid this changing landscape, one thing remains constant: the need for fast, secure, reliable technology.

Enter Agio Global Service Desk. Introduced to help financial firms meet the IT support challenges of a modern hybrid workforce, Global Service desk is our evolution of the traditional IT help desk.

Global Service Desk can quickly and seamlessly integrate into your internal support function and manage as little or as much as you need. We can also integrate with your existing ticketing system or onboard your users to ours.

Because we’ve built a fully scaled follow-the-sun support model, clients effectively “rent” an institutional-strength Level 1 support desk powered with advanced tools and predictive analytics. This comes at a fraction of the cost of building an internal team with half the tool set. And given we are a hybrid MSP/MSSP, every service we deliver is protected by the latest and greatest cybersecurity defense technology and governance protocols.

global service desk predicting issues before they impact

Next-Gen Technology Support at Scale 

Agio Global Service Desk is an AI-enhanced support desk at scale that prioritizes problem prevention, speed to resolution when a problem does occur, and root cause analysis to minimize issues moving forward. In other words, Agio’s ITIL-aligned support team supplements your internal IT team’s workload to decrease end-user wait times and increase productivity and satisfaction. Specifically, we handle 

  • Incident, problem, request, and major incident management  
  • Management of departmental knowledge  
  • Metrics on customer satisfaction and the effectiveness of the overall service 


Agio Global Service Desk lets your team work where, when, and how they need to. We provide the right devices, improve network and connectivity performance, and minimize IT errors from any location—24x7x365.  

How Global Service Desk Moves Firms Ahead 

On an average day, we respond to routine issues, isolate more complex issues, troubleshoot those issues with end-users, determine when to escalate tickets, and act as a liaison between end-users and higher-level support and infrastructure teams to resolve issues. Ultimately, firms who outsource their help desk to Agio reap the three major benefits. 

Reduced cost. Advanced machine learning and big data technologies provide the capability to transform Service Desks into a proactive function that provides predictive, personal, and dynamic insight. In fact, it’s predicted that the use of AI technology could drive over a 60% reduction in the cost of IT services, enabling organizations to better utilize human talent for higher-level tasks that require creativity, curiosity, and innovation. 

Increased productivity. Our aim is always first-touch resolution. Employees experience less downtime, which positively impacts your bottom line. Plus, your internal team will have increased capacity to focus on more strategic technology initiatives. 

Decreased risk. Now isn’t the time to skimp on security. Agio’s Global Service Desk is supported by our proprietary repeatable processes, executed through the lens of ITIL and NIST-based cybersecurity best practices to maximize security, reliability, and resiliency. 

The fact remains that inflationary pressure is causing financial services organizations to reallocate IT and cybersecurity budgets, but these are two areas that firms can’t afford to compromise. One minor security oversight or technology glitch can result in major costs. By offloading your help desk to Agio Global Service Desk, your end users can work securely and efficiently while your IT team focuses on maximizing enterprise value rather than minimizing end-user pain. 

increase ROI, reduce downtime and decrease risk
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