Among the available databases, Agio is the best choice for your private equity firm. We leverage the most advanced technology and tools to keep your data safe and meet your industry’s demands.

What is Private Equity Data?

Private equity data is the information and statistics related to your firm’s investments. It will outline everything from how much capital you are investing to the investment’s performance. Some examples of private equity data include exit strategies, investment multiples, and other industry-specific fund performance data.

What Can Agio Help Company Databases Do?

When choosing a database, you want one you can trust. With over 25 years in this industry, Agio provides database resources to ensure your business is on top of the latest and most advanced technology. We have experience building and maintaining IT infrastructures for prestigious private equity firms.

Our database assessment services supplement our database program. These services are comprehensive, covering anything from security checks to data consistency.

Increase Security

Agio can help increase your data security. Cyber-attacks are becoming more advanced, and we can provide AI-driven prevention tools that can quickly detect and automatically respond to any threat. If you need us in an IT emergency, we are reachable through our 24x7x365 support line.

Make Informed Decisions

Data exists to provide a quantitative view of your firm’s metrics. Agio’s platforms offer a transparent look across your entire IT infrastructure, allowing you to see case status updates and actionable recommendations for the most informed firm decisions.

Grow Employee Productivity

Our meticulous monitoring of your private equity data covers every element. This way, your platform can stay working as it should and keep your employees on task, minimizing outages and boosting productivity. An optimized performance also means more profits and lower overall costs.

Schedule a Demo Today

Agio understands the balance between high risk and high reward when it comes to private equity databases. We want to help your firm succeed in your investments. If you are interested in our data management services, we’ll provide a demo before you commit. During a demo, we will show you how to navigate our general database and train you on the basics so you can jump right in later.

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Let Agio help design a custom database for your company. Contact us to get started today.