From Turmoil to Triumph:

Agio's IT Assessment Rescues a Private Equity Firm's Infrastructure

You’re a CTO responsible for ensuring your firm’s IT infrastructure runs smoothly and securely, but your MSP isn’t performing. Current projects are delayed, best practices are ignored, and critical solutions for an aging network are overlooked.  

The Challenge

Your goals are to expand into Azure, migrate users to OneDrive and SharePoint, modernize firewalls, and simplify remote user connections. You can’t rely on your MSP, so you turn to Agio for solutions. 

The Solution

Agio’s IT assessment is a game-changer. Based on the results of the infrastructure deep dive, Agio comprehensively overhauls your aging IT infrastructure—replacing on-prem systems, integrating critical databases with Azure for disaster recovery, streamlining firewalls for secure remote access, and condensing a cumbersome Citrix solution from 10 servers to 1 Azure VM, drastically reducing costs.

The Outcome

Your previous provider’s inconsistent service, reactive stance, and unresponsiveness left you with headaches. Agio’s proactive, consultative approach and attention to detail gave you solutions and follow-through. Throughout the process, Agio’s skilled engineers earned your trust and confidence.

The Agio Difference

Agio’s IT assessment isn’t just a one-time affair. It’s a springboard for a lasting partnership built on transparency, collaboration, and continuous improvement. With Agio by your side, you gain increased visibility, more control, and invaluable consulting—empowering you to be the hero your firm deserves.

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Agio has your back.

When you need to ensure your IT environment is secure, supported, and updated, contact Agio for a solution that works.

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