Crypto Mining Firm Taps Agio for 100k+ Device Network Launch

You’re a crypto-mining organization that struck a deal to purchase excess renewable resources from a public utility company. The catch? It’s in the desert, there’s no infrastructure in place, and you need to deploy thousands of miners ASAP. You need a tech partner with scalable network design and automation expertise, so you turn to Agio.

From Desert to Dollars

The Goal

To spin up a massive network to power and deploy crypto miners in the desert with the capability to add more in real time.

It’s a custom job unique to crypto mining, and you know Agio can handle the job because they have a reputation for creating innovative, agile environments that quickly scale in fast-paced industries. 

The Challenge

Each warehouse in your new facility needs wiring closets, core infrastructure stacks, firewalls, ISP circuits, and monitoring. You can’t afford misconfigurations or delays—any breaks in service or deployment directly impact your revenue. 

The Solution

Agio’s professional delivery teams understand the assignment and get to work. They handle the buildout of the underlying network, wireless, and networking components. Then, they use a mix of off-the-shelf and in-house automation platforms to create a templated, repeatable, zero-touch deployment platform to keep up with your demanding growth directives. 

With your technical requirements met and thousands of crypto miners deployed, Agio takes over support and introduces you to AgioNow, their proprietary customer portal.

AgioNow offers complete transparency and consolidated support resources in one convenient place. And, of course, it’s all 24/7. 

The Outcome

Agility and growth are two things you take seriously, and Agio’s solution is a game-changer.

You needed massive compute power in a remote setting to take advantage of natural resources and keep operational costs down. Agio delivered a robust infrastructure tailored to your needs. They eliminated the tedious, error-prone manual configuration you could have encountered. You know the underlying network is configured correctly as you power on more miners.

The Agio Difference

Agio delivered a custom infrastructure solution tailored to the unique needs of a crypto-mining company in a remote location. They built the entire network, wireless, and networking components from scratch in just three months – a process that usually takes others double the time.

By providing rapid, reliable infrastructure deployment and ongoing support, Agio enables you to maximize your potential.

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Agio assures you they have your back.

When you need to ensure your IT environment is secure, supported, and audit-ready, contact Agio for a solution that works!

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