IT support, as an industry, has long been largely referred to as “break fix.” When infrastructure breaks, your IT company slowly—and at great expense—tries to fix your issue. For decades, Managed Service Providers have operated this way, focusing on fixing what’s broken instead of architecting proactive solutions.

Agio is changing this dynamic. Our vision is to empower our clients with secure, reliable and resilient information systems, and the way to achieve this, is not through your traditional break fix approach. Our next generation business model means we predict failures before they happen and prevent them from impacting your firm. And when the unexpected does occur, we’re ready to remediate and ensure your workforce is back to being productive as quickly as possible.


Agio Vision


How Agio delivers next gen systems at scale

As a data-driven firm, our engineers are guided by this 4-concept framework:

  1. Standardization
  2. Instrumentation
  3. Optimization
  4. Automation


Through standardization we clean the data, so we know what we’re seeing is real and accurate. With instrumentation we take that clean data and tell a story to understand where, as an MSP, we’re succeeding and where we need work. Apply optimization to that story, and we fix what needs to be fixed and move from a reactive MSP to a proactive one with the ability to institute predictive analytics – to quite literally, see the future. Finally, automation allows us to perfect on this layered framework by eliminating low level, repetitive work so our engineers can stay focused on leveraging that predictive data to analyze the bigger picture for trend analysis and proactive recommendations.

This framework, again, is critical to Agio achieving our vision and is a sharp reflection of our culture rooted in a driving force to continuously be better each and every day.


Evidence it

Now let’s prove it. We’ve applied this next gen framework to our most recent and important product launches, Agio Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and Agio Global Service Desk, at a time when remote access and support augmentation are critical for in-house IT teams who continue to battle the new normal of work-from-home. Additionally, to further drive our next gen efforts, Agio recently welcomed self-proclaimed “serial CTO” Dean McRobie to our leadership team as Chief Architect. Dean oversees our new Agio Accelerator organization, comprised of engineering, automation, product development, and data science. Working in unison, these integral teams are driving automation, AI, and machine learning across the organization – all with the unifying vision of creating more secure, reliable and resilient information systems for our clients.

work from home

Measure what matters

We measure success by improving the reliability of your IT systems and quickly responding to any work disruptions you may experience. The very specific short-term metrics we use to increase productivity for our clients include:

  • Reduction in the quantity of tickets per devices and users
  • Reduction of time spent waiting on tickets to be actioned, i.e., queue time
  • Reduction in time spent resolving problems and fulfilling tickets
  •  Increase in transparency and informed decision-making with comprehensive reporting, i.e., Agio Insights
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Why are we talking about these granular metrics?  Because it’s through a consistently thorough lens focused on granularity that we create efficiency, which in turn improves both the speed and quality to resolution, which finally in turn equates to the building of trust over time with our clients. All the data, metrics and technology in the world don’t mean a thing if they don’t get you closer to cultivating a more positive emotional end state for your clients. Technology to drive better decisions to drive better emotions to drive a better relationship – that is what Agio is achieving in the marketplace today.


In summary

We’ve seen great improvements in service quality in almost every aspect of our personal lives, but IT support has remained stagnant. And what service is more important than technology? It’s with us 24×7.

That’s why we’re focused on building next gen technology that redefines what it means to be an enterprise partner of the future. Through standardization, instrumentation, optimization and automation we’re providing a proactive and frictionless technology experience for our clients.

Interested in learning more about how we can create more secure, reliable, and resilient information systems at your firm? Contact us—we’d love to continue the conversation.

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