Alternative Thinking for Alternative Investing

You’re a private equity firm and your current MSP doesn’t know the alternative investment space. Their one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t fit you. You need a partner who is well-versed in private equity and has extensive expertise in managed IT and cybersecurity. So, you turn to Agio. 

The Challenge

You need iron-clad cybersecurity, reliable managed IT, and scalability. The goal is to find a provider who can streamline services and is well-known in the private equity vertical. Proactive monitoring, top-notch responsiveness, and transparency are must-haves. Given your last experience, any new relationship has to inspire trust and confidence. It’s a tall order.   

The Solution

You engage Agio’s three core services: comprehensive managed IT, cybersecurity operations, and cyber governance. Conventional wisdom questions your decision to bundle services with one provider, but you know a unified provider will maximize your defense, policy implementation, and ROI. 

The Outcome

A smooth network refresh aligns your equipment with Agio’s (and, therefore, the industry’s) standards. You have a remote help desk, backups, patch management, and more. You’re good to go.  

Your vCISO has a plan to get you square with SEC regulations. They set up a two-year assessment schedule, work with internal IT to define sensitive data and execute a data loss prevention plan, and conduct cybersecurity seminars for employees. 

The Agio Difference

As a private equity firm, you need the confidence of knowing your MSP has you covered. Agio knows private equity inside and out—and the challenges you face as a private equity firm. They combine comprehensive IT support, cybersecurity operations, and governance with the tools, resources, and customized packages that fit you. You end up with streamlined services and solutions and ultimate peace of mind. You can finally focus on your business without IT or cybersecurity worries. 

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When you need to ensure your IT environment is secure, supported, and audit-ready, contact Agio for a solution that works!

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