What are the Elements of XDR?

Extended detection and response (XDR) is a technological advancement in cybersecurity that works to detect threats and viruses in servers at a much faster rate. The word “extended” in this context speaks to this technology’s ability to reach a further scope than traditional cybersecurity solutions. The Importance of XDR in Cybersecurity With XDR, you will receive

What is Cloud Governance?

At its core, cloud governance is a cybersecurity process that secures the data on a company’s cloud. The cloud governance policies a company designs and puts in place allow you to define, implement, and monitor your technology services. Agio has the experience and knowledge to help you construct your company’s ideal cloud governance framework.

How to Use Whiteboard in Microsoft Teams

The Microsoft Whiteboard app is a virtual whiteboard for drawing and writing on your computer. It is available as a separate app. Whiteboard is also built into Microsoft Teams for those with a Microsoft 365 Business Basic subscription or higher.

Common PCI Violations

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) keeps credit and debit card data secure when healthcare organizations accept, transmit, and store it. When this security is compromised, hackers can gain access to sensitive data. Though a PCI DSS violation is often unintentional, it can cause significant damage to your healthcare organization and its

How to Create Charts in Microsoft Excel

Whether you need to persuade consumers about a product or pitch your plan to a team of executives, Microsoft Excel is a powerful software solution that can help you visually convey complex information. Its charting capabilities allow you to present numerical data in a visual, easy-to-understand format. Learn how to build these valuable visual aids

How to Hold a Safe, Secure Telehealth Appointment

A telehealth appointment is a doctor’s visit or medical appointment that takes place over the Internet instead of in the office. The doctor and patient use devices with audio-video capabilities to communicate. Telehealth meetings allow patients to get the care they need more easily, and healthcare organizations that offer them can improve their workflows and

Anti-Phishing Protection for Microsoft 365

Phishing is a type of cyberattack through email, and it is the most common type of cyberattack. These emails appear legitimate from a trustworthy source, but the sender is actually trying to steal sensitive information. Microsoft 365 users can use some program features like Exchange Online Protection (EOP) to help prevent and identify phishing attacks.

Secure Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software

HIPAA and other important laws guard protected health information (PHI). However, as a healthcare provider, you need to have access to that data on location. Storing information on a computer system is typically more efficient than paper documents.

How to Prepare for a HIPAA Audit

A Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) audit occurs when the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) investigates a company’s practices to ensure it complies with HIPAA to keep protected health information (PHI) private. Review our HIPAA audit checklist to get your organization ready. 1.

How to Make Your iPhone Grayscale

Color filters on the iPhone change the display’s standard colors to visually aid those who experience colorblindness or have difficulty reading text. One option is a grayscale filter, which renders the display in shades of gray. One advantage of this mode is that it blocks the visual stimulus of color.

How to Use Power Automate to Send Emails from Excel

Power Automate is a Microsoft tool that allows users to automate workflows between apps to save time. You can build your flow — a series of actions — in the program without writing any code. Power Automate has several capabilities to connect various applications and actions.

How to Use the Excel BYROW and BYCOL Functions

You can use BYROW and BYCOL functions with the LAMBDA helper in Excel. Microsoft introduced LAMBDA to help you customize and execute formulas without needing Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) coding. LAMBDA helpers reduce the need to enter the same formula multiple times.