At its core, cloud governance is a cybersecurity process that secures the data on a company’s cloud. The cloud governance policies a company designs and puts in place allow you to define, implement, and monitor your technology services.

Agio has the experience and knowledge to help you construct your company’s ideal cloud governance framework.

The Importance of Cloud Governance

A cloud governance framework and policies will enhance your data security and manage potential risks when done correctly. This structure keeps efficient monitoring and alignment of the many moving parts that make up your cloud. A thorough and organized strategy can help your company:

  • Optimize performance: Understanding the complete cloud environment improves operational efficiency and simplifies management processes. This can provide better access to your resources and use them more effectively.
  • Prevent security breaches: An ideal governance model provides the user with transparent access to security monitoring so your team can notice issues or inconsistencies in data before the vulnerability gets worse.
  • Improve IT visibility: By seeing clearly across your business units, companies can develop clear action plans to handle issues like security breaches or unexpected network downtime.
  • Meet government standards: Keeping everything organized can help companies stay up-to-date and accurate on applicable government regulations and their internal policies.

Installing a Cloud Governance Framework

A cloud governance framework requires three significant steps to implement in your business. These include:

  1. Defining your operational and financial controls, including all regulatory practices, the number of users on the network, and which employees have the authority to make changes.
  2. Implementing the controls according to your business’s specific definitions and communicating with your team throughout the entire process.
  3. Monitoring your controls continuously and making adjustments as needed.

Cloud Governance Best Practices

Your framework is important for preventing and detecting IT issues within your company’s infrastructure. When creating your cloud governance, be sure to take the following best practices into account:

  • Financial management can help understand the costs of your cloud.
  • Maximize your cloud environment with cost optimization.
  • Implement security and incident management for cloud operation security.
  • Check your workload and memory usage often for performance maintenance.
  • Frequently track your cloud configuration for quality consistency.
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