The Microsoft Whiteboard app is a virtual whiteboard for drawing and writing on your computer. It is available as a separate app. Whiteboard is also built into Microsoft Teams for those with a Microsoft 365 Business Basic subscription or higher.

In Teams, Whiteboard encourages collaboration during virtual meetings. Participants can jot down ideas, make sketches, and type out text on a blank canvas. Whiteboard offers many advantages, such as ease of use compared to a physical whiteboard or handwritten notes.

Follow these steps to use Whiteboard during your next Teams meeting:

1. Launch a Whiteboard Session during a Team Meeting

After your Team meeting has started, click on “Share Tray,” then the “Microsoft Whiteboard” option. A new whiteboard will appear in the meeting automatically.

2. Share the Whiteboard with Meeting Participants

Once you’ve created a whiteboard, everyone in the meeting can see it on their screen. The person who launches the whiteboard can decide between two editing modes:

  • Present: Only the creator can edit the whiteboard.
  • Collaborate: Everyone in the meeting can edit the whiteboard in real-time.

You can change editing permissions later in the settings menu in the upper-right corner.

3. Create Drawings and Text on the Whiteboard

Whiteboard has several writing and drawing tools, such as a pen, pencil, eraser, and highlighter. From the writing toolbar, select the tool, thickness, and color you like, then use your mouse to draw on the whiteboard. If you’re using a touchscreen device, you can draw with a stylus or finger.

Besides freeform drawing, you can add sticky notes and text boxes to your whiteboard. Freeform items and textboxes can be moved around as needed.

4. View the Whiteboard

Microsoft Whiteboard automatically saves your whiteboard when the meeting is over. All meeting participants in the Teams meeting can access the whiteboard. You can find your whiteboards in the “Whiteboard” tab of Teams or the “Board Gallery” view in the Microsoft Whiteboard app. View or edit them whenever you need to.

5. Export Your Whiteboard

You can also export your whiteboard as a file to view outside Teams. In the settings menu in the Whiteboard app, select “Export Image (PNG)” to download your whiteboard as an image.

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