3 Risk Assessment Myths, Busted

There are a lot of assumptions about risk assessments, but these assumptions are all false.

GDPR & What Financial Services Needs to Know

How does the EU’s GDPR apply to you? What challenges do you face to comply? Does the regulation really have teeth?

Don’t be a Victim of Income Tax Identity Theft

Learn about income tax identity theft and how to avoid becoming a victim of criminals who target computers used to electronically file taxes with the IRS.

Top 5 Cybersecurity Risks for Private Equity

Private equity firms need to go beyond reactive SEC-compliance and focus on proactive protection of their firm assets.

Detection & Response First. Prevention Second.

Experience and research shows us that while effective prevention strategies are essential, detection and response are even more important, for three reasons.

SEC Warns of Fraudsters

The SEC issued a warning to the public concerning fraudsters, who are impersonating the SEC in an attempt to trick potential victims to steal both personal information and money.

Office 365 for Hedge Funds and Private Equity

With Microsoft Office 365 being the dominant email platform in the alternative investment space, we thought it worth discussing some of the top considerations when securing Office 365.

The Four Dimensions to Cybersecurity That Really Matter

Best-in-breed cybersecurity rests on four pillars. At Agio, we’ve coined it ADEPT, reflective of Agio Diligence, Expertise, Process, and Technology.

Importance of Client Feedback on Improving Service

We get approached from hedge funds and private equity firms about taking over their IT Support from another vendor. Almost always the reason for switching providers is the same – quality of service.

The Time We Hacked a Private Equity Firm…from Their Lobby

This test was part of the client’s Cybersecurity Risk Assessment within Agio’s larger SEC Cybersecurity Readiness Program.

In Cybersecurity, Governance Trumps Technology

A strong cybersecurity program depends on governance to ensure broad participation, establish clear authority, and enable fully informed decision-making.

Forecasting in the Clouds

Just as weather anomalies have been dominating conversation at the dinner table, another type of cloud has emerged in the mainstream news at a record-setting pace: cloud computing.