Nimble. Adaptive. Personal. Available. Those are the words you want to come to mind when you think of your MSP.

We know IT can be a thankless job, and right about now you’re testing the mettle of your MSP or internal IT department. How are things going? Was your team nimble enough to execute a forced remote work environment and all that it entails? Could they adapt to the strain on your systems? Are you hearing from them with updates?

We’re a long way from normal. Firms that never considered remote work options have employees sitting in makeshift home offices right now. Resources are strained and security holes are sliding open. If you thought you relied on your MSP before, COVID-19 just kicked it up to championship levels.

To that end, Agio is doubling down on the value we’re providing our clients by enhancing IT governance. Specifically, we’ve developed and implemented a Virtual On-Site Checklist that we’re sharing here so both you and the larger community can verify your MSP is applying a similar methodology and executing to protect the health of customers and employees.  Here’s what our engineers have been validating:

cybersecurity checklist cybersecurity checklist cybersecurity checklist cybersecurity checklist cybersecurity checklist


We know what it takes to be a trusted partner protecting our clients, and we want to empower you with the same intelligence, leveraging checklists like these, so your MSP can really help you through this time, rather than being dead weight in the boat.

If you’re interested in having a conversation or are ready to outsource your IT, contact us. We’re here to help.

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