For years, phishing has been cybersecurity’s biggest threat. It still is. But are you aware of the most common tactic bad actors use to infiltrate systems? It involves setting up malicious domains to trick your employees into clicking what they think is a legitimate link. In fact, this type of phishing scam was most prevalent in 2021, accounting for 14% of all attacks.  

To protect your data – and to detect malicious domains before they reach your people – our engineers have developed Agio Shield, the latest enhancement to our Extended Detection & Response (XDR) service 

cyber operations secure your attack surface now

How does Agio Shield work? 

At a high level, Agio Shield puts up a force field around client environments, identifies new malicious domains set up by bad actors, and then leverages AI to categorize the risk those domains pose to client organizations.  

Specifically, as part of our XDR service, our cybersecurity analysts receive alerts from our SIEM when a Domain Name System (DNS) request is detected from a suspicious domain. This may be indicative of a significant security threat due to several types of attacks, primarily phishing related.  

(Fact: These alerts amount to over 1,600 incidents per month across our client base.) 



Agio has added AI modeling to automatically scan these suspicious domains to detect malicious behavior before the incident even reaches our analysts. The goal of this proactive automation is to make domain alerting smarter by prioritizing the incident backlog according to our confidence in the threat level.  

As a result, it frees Agio’s Cyber Ops agents to spend time on actionable threat investigation, rather than sorting through “noisy” alerts that pose no threat.  

predictive intelligence and human brillianceWhat does this mean for our Cyber Operations clients? It means that with Agio Shield, you can rest easy knowing that we’ve got you covered, protecting your employees and your organization from the onslaught of bad actors seeking to compromise your data security. 

Get started 

The threat landscape is evolving faster than ever, and organizations need to keep up. Our XDR service, now protected by Agio Shield, is just the latest example of how AI is transforming our team’s ability to keep you safe. By augmenting human brilliance with predictive intelligence, we deliver secure, fast, and reliable cybersecurity support to clients 24x7x365. Talk to us, we can help. 


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