In this video, we’ll discuss how to set up Intune on your mobile device. Microsoft Intune is a cloud based management solution that provides for mobile device and operating system management. First, you’ll want to download Intune Company Portal from your mobile device App Store. Once you’ve installed the app, open it and sign in with your Microsoft 365 account. Since multi-factor authentication is set up for your account, you’ll need to approve the sign in with your Microsoft Authenticator app. When you have approved the sign in, head back to the Comp Portal app to continue. Now follow the on screen configuration instructions. You can find out what you can and can’t see by alternating between the cant and canned tabs on the screen. Now you’ll need to download the management profile. Next, you’ll need to install the management profile by navigating to your settings app and tapping on Profile Downloaded. Once the management profile has been successfully downloaded and installed, you’ll need to go back to the portal app to complete the setup. That’s it. You can now access company data on your mobile device.