Agio’s SkySuite is your one stop shop for all things IT. As you grow your fund, SkySuite grows with you, providing end-user support, hosted messaging, managed backup, disaster recovery and file share along the way.

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Your to-do list when setting up a fund is no small undertaking and for most of our clients, technology is their least favorite to tackle. You just need someone to set up your infrastructure, manage it, and most importantly, make it easy. Our engineers get that, and we’re here as your IT support to get you up and running quickly and painlessly.

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Whether it’s via our remote help-desk or an onsite resource, we offer 24x7x365 unlimited access to our engineers to answer your questions and solve your IT problems. We miss sleep so you don’t have to.


Goodbye tape backup systems — hello, state-of-the-art automated backup. Our system has all the bells and whistles you could want — advanced encryption, onsite data storage, online access, flexible recovery and unparalleled data protection.


You can’t be in multiple places at once, but your files can. SkySuite’s secure file sharing system enables access to your documents anywhere, anytime.


SkySuite’s managed messaging package has it all: 99.99% uptime guarantee, encryption, mobile support, and archiving for email, instant messaging, Bloomberg, SMS and social media. Staying connected has never been easier.


Should disaster strike, you can rest easy knowing our SkySuite IT solution has copies of your mission-critical data in the cloud (private or public, whichever you prefer). We keep this data perfectly in sync so, should you need it, all it takes is an internet connection to have you up and running again.


We know your goal is to grow fast; we have that in common with most of our clients, and we’ve structured SkySuite to accommodate that growth. We’re ready to scale as quickly and seamlessly as your fund when the time comes, which means avoiding service interruptions and the hassle of changing IT providers down the road.

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