Private Cloud

Agio’s secure private cloud offers on-demand, scalable cloud computing for companies of any size that aren’t yet comfortable using the public cloud, or whose applications aren’t a fit for cloud environments. Our processes keep your information safe, our dedicated IT staff keep it accessible, and our compliance standards keep everyone happy.

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Your most precious commodity is information. Cloud computing — particularly Agio’s Managed Azure public cloud service — is the ultimate way to manage and protect your information. For firms or applications not ready to take the leap into the public cloud, Agio’s private cloud solution offers high performance, accessible, enterprise-grade virtual infrastructure and data protection.

Latest & Greatest Technology

Our private cloud infrastructure is strategically hosted in a tob data center known for supporting some of the most well known financial firms. We only use the best of the best: all flash storage array, CPU's, high speed memory and a 10 gigabit ethernet low latency network.


You can't afford to lose information, whether it's because an end user accidentally deleted data or you're attacked by ransomware. Our state-of-the-art cloud-based system is geographically resilient, fully automated, the latest in deduplication and compression and encrypted with client-owned keys. Most importantly, we manage the whole process for you, from building out data sets to monitoring jobs daily and responding to backup events in real time.


Protecting the data you store in our private cloud is Agio's top priority. We use the latest in security to protect, monitor and respond to internal and external threats. This includes application firewalls by Palo Alto Networks, IDS/IPS infrastructure and our SOC monitoring the security 24x7x365. Encrypted data (during transmission and at rest) also ensures the utmost protection.


Should Plan A fail due to a power outage, data breach or other natural disaster, Agio will be ready with Plans B and C. We replicate your data to our private cloud and test for success to ensure your recovery point objectives are always maintained. Agio adds to your peace of mind by managing the failover from production to DR, and back to production, to ensure your data is always synced between environments and available.


We live in an “always on” world, and you need access to your information whenever something arises. Making sure the integrity, availability and confidentiality of that data doesn’t become an issue is what Agio does best. We do it by partnering with the best-in-breed technologies and partners to keep you at the technology forefront.

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