As the business world continues to move towards an entirely digitalized workspace, technologies such as cloud computing have emerged as key transformation drivers – allowing a greater degree of innovation, collaboration, and productivity for modern businesses.

Most people know Microsoft Azure is a leader in cloud computing, achieving a 35% CAGR in enterprise cloud adoption in 2018 alone. Azure, combined with other Microsoft services aimed at streamlining workplace processes, offers an entire ecosystem for organizations to leverage advanced technology and achieve massive growth.

Here are a few factors that make Microsoft Azure truly versatile, cost-efficient, and the ultimate growth driver.


Flexible Scalability Options

As a leading cloud service provider, Microsoft has integrated an industry-standard level of functionality in Azure. Organizations are not disadvantaged by budgetary restrictions if they are looking to integrate advanced solutions – with Azure’s established infrastructure, they can rapidly deploy and modify Web Apps with virtually no downtime.

With a pay-as-you-go model, your costs are always under your control. Quickly adjust your capacity requirements according to your business needs. Flexible scalability in the cloud is one of the most important growth drivers in the 21st century.


Reliable Analytical Support

As the age of ‘Big Data’ finally descends over the world, organizations are leveraging key growth strategies simply by engaging in advanced data analytics. While this may be within reach for enterprise-sized organizations, small and medium-sized businesses require analytical support to derive such insights.

Microsoft Azure provides built-in support for businesses to analyze their organizational data and infer valuable insights. With managed SQL services, machine learning capabilities, Cortana Analytics and Stream Analytics – your business receives a wide array of support to help you make smarter decisions and uncover new opportunities for unprecedented growth.


Complete Microsoft Organizational Ecosystem

Microsoft Azure comes with yet another significant advantage – it offers seamless integration with your existing Microsoft legacy databases and applications.

Your employees have been using Microsoft’s legacy organizational app suite for years. Even tech-savvy organizations made the move to Office 365 which is a cloud-based, evolved version of the MS-Office that took the workplace by storm in the 90s.

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By adopting Azure, you are liberating your employees from tedious training seminars, as Microsoft’s cloud service offers the same user interface features and captures the familiar vibe associated with almost all Microsoft products.

Additionally, your Microsoft Office licenses are cheaper, and even Outlook gets integrated with applications such as Microsoft Teams and Yammer, reducing costs while enabling collaboration. The overall interoperability makes operating in the cloud seamless and cost-effective.

The end result is a highly productive workplace where your business applications and your cloud computing operate in complete harmony – boosting productivity significantly.


Widespread Data Center Coverage

This is one place where Microsoft asserts its global footprint – with over 54 global regions and availability in over 140 countries.

With more data centers and delivery points than most cloud services, Azure allows instant data access and negates any time lags that can hamper your productivity.

For a business looking to scale globally, this means no unnecessary latency and performance degradation for users who don’t live in your region. As virtual machines replicate data across various regions, all users benefit from receiving an instant connection with the cloud.


Why Agio?

As businesses continue their shift to the cloud, Agio has assisted thousands in completing their migration to a cheaper, safer, and more productive cloud environment. Our clients have experienced notable increases in productivity after integration with our trusted cloud service provider, Microsoft Azure.

A technologically advanced platform, alongside seamless compatibility with workplace applications, makes it an optimal choice. Ready to bring your business to the future? Contact us now.

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