It’s old news that COVID-19 has changed the way we work. For months, alternative asset managers and employees at hedge funds and private equity firms have been working remotely and haven’t missed a beat. As a result, the list of companies letting people work from home indefinitely is steadily increasing.



But none of this could have been possible without your firm’s unsung heroes—the IT team. While you initially hired them for their engineering talents, right now most of their time is spent monitoring and fixing server issues so your employees can continue to work from home without disruption.

Now for some new news: It’s time to free your engineers from reacting to daily fires. By offloading server management to a partner like Agio, your IT team can shift their efforts to proactive, revenue-generating projects. Hesitant to make the move? Don’t let these common myths keep your firm from automating server management and getting ahead.


Myth 1: I’ll have to downsize my IT staff.

Fact: We can’t stress this one enough. Partnering with an MSP that leverages automation to deliver server management doesn’t mean you no longer need your internal IT staff. It means that when your engineers aren’t performing routine management and maintenance to keep servers up and running, they’re focused on preventing issues before they occur and discovering new technologies to enable revenue generation.

Need further proof? In a recent research study commissioned by LogicMonitor, 93% of IT leaders say automation is worthwhile “because it allows IT leaders and their teams to focus on more strategic tasks and initiatives.”


Myth 2: It will take too long to get my servers up and running with an MSP.

Fact: Firms that offload server management to Agio end up saving time over the course of their partnership with us. Speed—to resolve issues and fulfill requests—is one of our most critical factors. In order to maximize the resiliency of your environment, our highly customized and integrated toolset is designed with speed in mind. These tools include monitoring agents, software distribution agents, script repositories, vulnerability scanning agents, core ticketing platform, automation routines, self-healing automation, and knowledge articles.

Over time, this speed fosters trust between Agio and our clients, growing relationships that result in healthier information systems.


Myth 3: I’ll lose control of my firm’s servers.

Fact: No black boxes here. Clients come to us for our transparent tools, like our proprietary monitoring system that tracks your environment in real-time, while providing you with complete visibility. Plus, our Agio Insights reporting delivers a comprehensive review of your infrastructure, which includes capacity planning, software licensing assurances, redundancy, and cybersecurity recommendations.


Myth 4The ROI is too low.

Fact: We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again. When your IT team isn’t spending time reacting to day-to-day tasks like server errors, data center outages, or security threats, they can focus their efforts on the bigger picture. In turn, your workforce becomes more productive because they’re no longer interrupted by connectivity or cybersecurity issues. Time is money and in the long run, your firm’s increased productivity will save both.


In Conclusion

Smart IT leaders are embracing automation and offloading server management to partners for three reasons: Increased productivity, lower cost, and decreased cybersecurity risk. Powered by our next generation service framework, Agio Server Management ensures 360º support of your servers to maximize the performance of your infrastructure and ultimately, your employees.

Contact us to discuss how partnering with Agio to make your firm more secure, reliable, and resilient in today’s unpredictable digital landscape.