The comprehensive, real-time inventory of all the components that comprise your IT infrastructure—your servers, workstations, network gear, software, data storage, and mobile devicesis a crucial part of technology management that’s been missing across the industry. Add to that the difficulty of ensuring accurate data at the source, merging data from multiple sources into a single dataset, and keeping information up to date, and you’ve got a complex problem that’s not easy to solve. But we did it.  

We invested heavily in AI and machine learning (ML) to create our latest game-changer: Agio Configuration Management Database (CMDB). Our AI-enabled platform provides a holistic view of your environment, configuration items (CIs), and system and device configuration, while also streamlining the process of diagnosing and fixing issues. Preemptive, proactive issue resolution on our side means more productivity on yours. 

Agio CMDB allows our team to flex to their full potential. With it, we generate transparency for your entire CI inventory and configuration management, maintain patch history and status, track capacity and stability, assess integrity, and analyze how device issues impact your overall environment. 

Mapping and creating the CMDB was ambitious, but we rose to the challenge—and the result is a key piece in our quest to transform the managed service provider (MSP) model from a reactive break/fix approach to a proactive problem prevention approach. 

We Raised the Bar for Industry Best Practices  

Building a user-friendly platform to log and track the health of devices in real-time is hard, and ensuring accuracy is even harder. Doing it right is a heavy lift, and most organizations aren’t equipped to consolidate, track, and manage device and configuration data in a way that creates a satisfactory solution.  

Current out-of-the-box solutions to develop a CMDB just don’t cut it. Trust us, we tried. You can enter data in a number of ways, yes, but there is no standardization. And in many instances, these solutions aren’t set up correctly, which means there’s no way to maintain certainty in the database, let alone run root-cause analysis in the event a problem arises.  

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These are the types of enterprise IT challenges we’re setting out to solve. We’re positioned like few other service providers to implement configuration management best practices captured from years of serving hundreds of clients that demand high performance IT.  That experience, partnered with our AI-enhanced service delivery and backed by a team of data scientists, allows us to analyze trends and create predictive solutions. 

The end game is elevated service, IT built to scale, and less downtime for your team.   

This Is a Big Deal 

Data integrity is the foundation of your technology ecosystem. Bad data in is bad data out. An optimized, scalable CMDB requires complex logic to create the real-time automated updates needed to maintain transparency and accuracy. And so far, few have been able to crack the code.  

At a minimum, a solid CMDB solution must deliver transparency with context, facilitate risk assessment and management, and expedite remediation and reporting. There’s also a requirement to ensure comprehensive capture and reconciliation of siloed and duplicate datasets, visibility into all CI inventory (for compliance) and performance throughout lifecycle, and tracking interdependencies throughout an environment. All of this must be in place before you can get into the business of predicting the next problem.  

Innovating to #BeBetterThanYesterday 

We weren’t satisfied with existing CMDB solutions, and we knew you wouldn’t be either.   

Agio CMDB is our industry knowledge at work. And it’s how we’re moving the MSP model from the outdated break/fix paradigm to the new expected industry standard: system and device availability and uptime. 

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