Meltdowns & Fiascos

2017 has been a record-breaking year for disastrous cybersecurity events:

  • 143 Million U.S. consumers were affected by the Equifax data breach
  • All 3 Billion user accounts affected; the latest update of Yahoo’s 2013 Breach
  • Hackers demanded $6 Million in HBO’s ransom attack


The True Cost

You’re not the size of an Equifax, Yahoo or HBO so you’re safe, right?. Wrong. 61% of all breaches are at companies with less than 1,000 employees (2017 Verizon Report), and here’s how it adds up…

  • $7.35 Million is the average cost of a U.S. data breach
  • The loss of this information racks up larger bills than just the initial data recovery and added security measures. Companies have to know and anticipate potential fines, penalties and litigation post any critical breach.


More Than Peace of Mind

Assess is the first step in building an effective cybersecurity program. You don’t know what you don’t know, and starting with an assessment produces real marching orders on what needs to be shored up immediately and what can wait, based on your crown jewels, level of exposure, etc.

Security risk assessments, penetrations tests, policy review, and security architecture evaluations are all great baselines for examining your company’s cybersecurity environment, and we can help with all of them.  Get started today.

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