Biotechnology firms and pharmaceutical companies are firmly in the crosshairs of hackers and other malicious actors.  Theft of IP – product designs, proprietary formulations, advanced research – represents an enormous, if not existential, organizational threat.

While the potential to cause serious harm to these businesses alone makes them a target, state-sponsored attacks are designed to steal intellectual property for competitive purposes or to compromise another country’s national security. As a result of this existential threat, biotech and pharmaceutical companies generally prioritize active cybersecurity defenses over compliance.

How We Can Help

At Agio, we’ve built our Technical Testing and Managed Services offering to incorporate the best of proactive and reactive defense techniques. While each of these services can be delivered separately, we’ve found an integrated program of frequent and regularly scheduled testing is even more effective. Organizations that embrace a process of testing, remediation, validation, and re-testing have proven to be the most successful in thwarting attacks.

For those companies also looking to assure business partners and investors of their commitment to cybersecurity, Agio supports HITRUST adoption and certification, which validates your company has formalized an approach to ensuring proper policies and procedures are in place and regularly reviewed over time.

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