More and more of our clients have been asking us about moving to the cloud, and as a cloud-based company, ourselves, here’s what we see in broad strokes.

  • Agility: The ability to upgrade or avoid hardware refreshes is one of the major benefits.


  • Redundancy: Cloud providers have built in mass redundancy so you don’t have to.


  • Cost: If you can leverage the cloud in the right way, there’s money to be saved.  “The right way” looks different for everyone, but we’re seeing cost savings maximized specifically for Disaster Recovery; roughly a 20-30% cost reduction, depending on environment size and complexity.


  • Cybersecurity: Cloud providers have to withstand the test of a multitude of compliance standards.  Now, compliance doesn’t always equate to security, but if we feel safe in the cloud, as a cybersecurity provider, that says something.  The catch, however, still lies in how you architect your environment; for instance, you could still misconfigure a firewall, leaving you exposed.  This is where you’ll hear the shared security model thrown around, and where working with experienced service providers makes sense.  Let Azure worry about their side of the shared model, and a provider worry about your side.


Even if you don’t have an immediate driver pushing you to the cloud, it’s worth having the conversations now so when the other shoe drops, you’re not behind the 8-ball.

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