From Vulnerable to Valuable:

RLH Equity Partners Taps Agio to Maximize Portco Value

You’re a private equity firm managing over $1 billion in assets. One of your portfolio companies is missing growth targets due to infrastructure problems and cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Since the PortCo lacks resources, you turn to Agio for specialized help. 

The Challenge

Every investment decision carries weight, and you’re keenly aware of technology’s crucial role in creating an attractive asset. Without internal expertise, your PortCo needs a provider that can continuously monitor emerging threats, stay on top of the latest risks, and nimbly shift resources to defend your investment while mapping out a plan to get things back on track. 

The Solution

Agio’s IT and risk assessments pinpoint inadequacies in architecture and processes. To fortify defenses and maximize investment value, Agio implements robust identity and access controls and strengthens data protection measures around encryption and storage access. They jumpstart stalled cloud migration and your PortCo’s AWS bill goes from $23k to $13k to $6k. 

The Outcome

Your PortCo’s infrastructure and security went from liability to attractive asset. They head to market, get an offer, and an acquisition is in progress.

Thanks to Agio’s documentation, due diligence is less about digging in and dragging on, and more about checking a box. Ultimately, you exit the investment, having maximized your PortCo’s position in the face of marketplace uncertainty. 

The Takeaway

Private equity firms facing technology risk in their PortCos bring Agio in well ahead of liquidity events. We expose and fix vulnerabilities, hardening your cyber defenses and positioning your PortCo as an attractive target, not a liability. When acquisition time rolls around, we’ll be there to keep all systems secured and resilient during the transition process. 

The Agio Difference

Our seasoned experts close security gaps, guide infrastructure transformations, and ensure water-tight protection with optimal performance. With years of securing complex systems under our belt, we empower you to harden defenses, maximize value, and exit investments with resilient, future-ready portfolio companies that buyers will compete over. 

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